The Evil Within 2 Release Date Revealed, Official Trailer Unveiled

A lot of things have happened at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), with The Evil Within 2 being one of the big surprises. Apparently, the game is now official, with its release date revealed via a trailer. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

In a report from GameSpot, the highly anticipated title has been officially confirmed during Bethesda's presentation at E3. In fact, the studio went to release the official gameplay trailer of the title, giving the audience a look-see at its gameplay. Judging by the way it looks, it is going to be an exciting game for everyone to look forward to.

The Evil Within 2 is basically a follow-up to the hit horror game of 2014. The sequel, in particular, aims to provide players with yet another thrilling and exciting experience, packed with all the terrifying elements the studio could ever think of. There is no doubt it will emerge successful in the video game industry.

Apparently, the developers of the game have already hinted the forthcoming arrival of The Evil Within 2. In fact, it was the studio's very own vice president Pete Hines who dropped some thought-provoking details about the sequel. He iterated that if not for the original title's evident success, the new game wouldn't be a possibility. Add to this a job listing that the company announced while the title was still in development.

IGN notes that it was only during E3 2017 that everything about the title became official. Bethesda made it all possible by releasing a very spooky trailer, something that is quite consistent with the game's horror theme. The follow-up title is set to be a reality come Oct. 13. With its release date just a few months away, fans and gamers alike can expect more details about the game in the next few weeks or so. For interested fans, they can now pre-order the game here.

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