Here's The $45 Portable Switch Dock Nintendo Should've Made

By Edge Ison , Jun 14, 2017 10:54 AM EDT

Nyko just announced a dock that is perfect for the Nintendo Switch. The video game accessory manufacturer has found a way to solve one annoying issue bugging Nintendo Switch owners - bulky Switch Docks.

As mentioned, Nintendo Switch owners are having some issues with the console and one of them is playing on a TV when they are not at home. Most, if not all, Switch owners set up their dock right beside or in front of their TVs. If they want to play the Switch with a TV elsewhere, they have to bring the Switch Dock along with them. In short, traveling with the bulky Switch Docks is a problem.

Nyko managed to address the issue by creating its own miniature Switch dock. The Nyko Portable Docking Kit was announced at the E3 2017 which is currently underway. According to The Verge, the third-party Nintendo Switch dock is easy to carry and easy to use.

The Nintendo Switch console can easily be placed on the Nyko Portable Docking Kit. Users can then connect it to the TV through the HDMI. The portable Switch dock also comes with a USB-Type C AC adaptor and an HDMI cable.

The Nyko Portable Docking Kit is also cheap. At $45, the miniature dock is half the price of the actual Nintendo Switch Dock which retails for a shade under $90. Those who wish to set-up a dock with another TV in the house will prefer getting the cheaper and more portable dock from Nyko. However, Switch owners will have to wait for fall to come to get their hands on the Nyko Portable Docking Kit.

As Gizmodo pointed out, Nintendo has not shown signs that it is doing something to address the portability issues with the Switch Dock. The gaming company could do its fans a favor by creating its own tiny dock. However, Nintendo's inaction will be Nyko's gain.

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