Warping Issues Add To Nintendo Switch Woes

Nintendo has a new problem on its hands with regards to the highly sought Switch hybrid console. After dealing with the Joy-Con desyncing issues and still struggling with meeting demands for the console itself, Nintendo now has to deal with warping tablets.

A Reddit user who goes by _NSR posted a photo of a Nintendo Switch which is clearly seen to be warped or bent.  The photo came with the caption "The Nintendo Switch Is Starting To Warp While Only Being In Dock Mode". Some people are already pointing their fingers at the Switch dock. According to the Redditor, Switch tablet warped while it was in dock mode. Other people who chimed in explained that the heat given off by the dock may have caused the warping.

TechnoBufallo reported that the original poster is not the only one whose Switch consoles became warped. A number of Switch owners who saw the post later realized that they were having the same predicament after checking their consoles. Some of them including the TechnoBuffalo writer shared photos of their warped Switch.

As mentioned, the warping issue is the latest of the problems with the Nintendo Switch. The most glaring perhaps is the connectivity issue with the left Switch Joy-Con. A number of Switch owners reported that the left controller would fail to connect or would get disconnected while they were playing. Nintendo eventually recognized and addressed the problem by saying that the desyncing was caused by a "manufacturing variation". The gaming company also stressed that the problem has already been corrected at the "factory level".

While the lack of stocks and the desyncing issues with the Joy-Con can be fixed, the warping problem may be a bit more difficult to handle. Expect Nintendo to eventually release a statement on this warping issue with its popular Nintendo Switch hybrid console.

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