'Fairy Tail' Spoilers: Acnologia Against The Dragon Slayers In Ravines Time With Seven Chapters Left

The latest chapter of the “Fairy Tail” manga series is finally nearing its end. With just seven chapters left, Acnologia returns for a final showdown against the Dragon Slayers.

“Fairy Tail” Chapter 539 reveals the truth behind Natsu’s disappearance. In the previous chapters, Lucy and Gray were able to save Natsu in the nick of time. Lucy rewrote the book of E.N.D. and filled parts of with memories they have shared with Natsu despite not knowing how to do it. Gray had to keep Lucy from burning up because rewriting the book of E.N.D took a toll on her body as it was connected to Natsu’s soul. However, Natsu suddenly vanished without a peep and the two are devastated, naïve that the worst has just begun.

In the new chapter of the manga series, “Fairy Tail” reveals the unbelievable comeback of Acnologia, who is the ultimate villain of the series. Wendy, Erza, Jellal, and members of the Blue Pegasus placed their life on the line to make sure that their plan worked. Anna Heartfilia and Ichiya even sacrificed their life to lure in Acnologia to the Ravines of Time. But it seems like all this is for naught when Wendy noticed a crack in the sky, which continues to get bigger. From that crack, Acnologia came out to return and wreak havoc once again.

Erza, Wendy, and the rest of their company are in disbelief. Once Acnologia returned, he revealed that he felt more powerful than ever and it seems like this is so because he consumed the Ravines of Time. After declaring that he has become the Dragon of Extinction, Acnologia let out a catastrophic attack called Eternal Flare and separated Erza’s group, maybe even incapacitating some of them. Suddenly, Wendy, as well as the rest of the dragon slayers scattered all over the place, began disappearing. Natsu, who Lucy and Gray thought have joined his brother Zeref in death, was actually transported to Acnologia’s world, which is the Ravines of Times, for a final battle fit for the strongest warriors in the series.

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