'Fairy Tail' Revives Another Character With Nine Chapters Left; Zeref Finally Rests In Peace

The latest chapter of “Fairy Tail” is out and it reveals some surprising development in the final arc of the manga series. With nine chapters left, creator Hiro Mashima finally gave Zeref a happy ending.

Love Conquers All As Mavis And Zeref’s Romance Continues

The latest chapter of the “Fairy Tail” manga has focused on the last few moments of Zeref and Mavis in the world. Their romance rekindled and explained as Mavis finally puts a stop to the curse that has kept Zeref immortal for time immemorial. Mavis is in a torn state as she releases her anguish towards Zeref for bringing havoc for so long in the world and the people she cared for, the Fairy Tail guild.

On the other hand, she realized and remembered the love she had for Zeref. Mavis plants the Fairy Tail's most powerful magic on Zeref, which is love, and the two finally happily disappeared into oblivion. The unifying magic that Mavis released has also given a widespread effect that has revived the Fairy Tail guild master, Makarov.

Fans Disappointed With Final Arc Of 'Fairy Tail'

“Fairy Tail” Chapter 537 could have been the sappiest ending for the most ruthless character in the “Fairy Tail” universe but at least Zeref’s sufferings have finally been put to an end. However, fans are airing out continued disappointment at how the manga creator, Hiro Mashima, is ending the series. The final arc of the manga series, which played with repeated scenarios suffered once more with Mashima’s need to revive characters that have died in battle.

With how things are going, fans are saying that they won’t be surprised if the rest of the dead characters are suddenly resurrected. Makarov was revived in the latest chapter even though the story built up surrounding his dead made quite an impact with the other lead characters. With nine chapters remaining, Mashima must have more up his sleeve to give “Fairy Tail” a great ending.

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