Popular GTA 5 Mod Shuts Down After Receiving C&D Letter From Take-Two

For GTA 5 players who have been following the creators of Open IV, know that they are set to shut down their services. This has all been possible because of Rockstar Games. Here is how everything went haywire.

According to Kotaku, the video game company (via Take-Two) has just sent a cease and desist to the aforementioned mod developers for GTA 5. This definitely came as a sad news to the entire community of the game, considering that the game's popular modding tools have been here for nearly 10 years. Sadly, there is nothing they can do about it.

Open IV has managed to introduce thousands of mods for the titular crime-themed game. Interestingly, they are more than just that. Some players utilize this tool to create machinima videos, something that cannot be done using the game's own video editor. It also helped those who have been hunting various mysteries and/or secrets, allowing the fandom to dig in deeper to unravel the truth.

Apart from the aforementioned, the GTA 5 tool has also been utilized in adding different types of vehicles. This even includes the additions of both weapons and features. Without a doubt, these are workarounds that neither Rockstar, the game's sole developer, has never been able to produce.

In an official post from Open IV, the cease and desist actually came last June 5. The issue, alleged, is that their program allows various "third parties" to defeat some security features of its software. That it even goes to modifying that software in violation of Take-Two's (Rockstar's parent company) rights. After a couple of discussions within the team, they finally decided to concede. After all, as what they said, fighting the company is not worth their time.

PCGamer notes that Rockstar will soon release an official statement so as to comment on the ongoing issue in the GTA 5 community. The publication iterated that this will be revealed as soon as they receive such statement.

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