'GTA 5' Update: Take-Two Confirms More Microtransactions Coming, But Won't Heavily Burden Players

It holds true that microtransactions also exist in GTA 5. After all, it is the cash cow of developer Rockstar Games, as well as the parent company Take-Two. Apparently, though, this is quite a controversial topic within the community; hence investigating any update pertaining to it is worth taking.

According to GameSpot, microtransactions is among the heavily discussed topic within the GTA 5 community. This is mainly due to the abuses some publishers do whenever a new DLC or something is being added. It is as if they want to take every penny from the players.

Apparently, the parent company of Rockstar Games, which is Take-Two, is set to even add more microtransactions to the game. However, the CEO of the company Strauss Zelnick made some interesting statements to clarify their stand towards this type of monetization. Besides, it is their main duty to do so.

Zelnick explained that, in one way or another, microtransactions are there to keep them as a company going. And by adding such in GTA 5, they are projecting a required business model. He sorts out one cannot simply give stuff away for free just because it is needed. This does not justify a path that would support them as a company.

However, as reported by GameZone, Zelnick promises that they will not go further to making microtransactions a burden in every GTA 5 player. They will ensure that their business will not heavily rely on it. Because if they do so, players will eventually know and that such is just bad business. Nevertheless, he cannot help but iterate that microtransactions are still an interesting opportunity for them.

PVPLive reports that as far as microtransactions are concerned in GTA 5, it allow players to acquire Shark Cards. These are basically used for them to spend real-time money on various vehicles and items. And by doing so, they are making their in-game progress a bit easier. Of course, it is not really a required thing to do, but players have the freedom to opt in or not.

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