Rockstar Responds To Take-Two's Closure Of GTA 5 OpenIV Mod

Just recently, Take-Two Interactive shut down the most popular modding tool in GTA 5 called Open IV. The creators of it were alleged of violating the company's rights to the game. Now, the developer of the title Rockstar Games has released a statement regarding the controversy.

According to GameZone, the developers of the aforementioned GTA 5  modding tool received a Cease and Desist letter from Take-Two Interactive. The latter is basically Rockstar Games' parent company. The letter, obviously, came as means to put a halt to the aforesaid tool. This came as a huge shock to the entire community.

Unfortunately for the fandom, most especially in the PC platform, they have relied so much on the modding tool. In fact, it offers changes and experiences that the developers of the hit crime-themed game cannot offer. There were features and customized weapons, among others, that only the tool can bring. Its shut down is indeed sad, considering the fact that it has been here for nearly 10 years already.

It cannot be denied that Rockstar has been an avid supporter of modding in GTA 5. As a matter of fact, they would even feature some of these mods on their official website, seemingly advertising them to the entire community. This, in particular, just made things a bit frustrating.

PCGamer reports that the popular modding tool in GTA 5 allegedly enables several malicious mods. These modes, in one way or another, open to harassment of players and even interfere with the online experience. As of this writing, the studio is working on a way to continue its support for the modding community. But until this happens, there will be no mods to enjoy.

The Dark Side of Gaming describes Open IV as a multi-purpose editor and archive manager for GTA 5 in the PC platform. It holds true, though, that it allows players to change various things in the game. These includes the likes of texture, shaders, 3D objects and even features, to name a few.

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