iPhone 8 Will Have The Ugliest Feature

Apple’s traditional design has a major influence on other smartphone makers in general. This is because many companies look at Apple's product, especially iPhone, as an inspiration. However, the design of the Cupertino-based company is not perfect at all. In fact, according to a new leak, the upcoming iPhone 8 will have the ugliest feature.

According to BGR, one of the many "ugly" features of Apple's iPhone is its camera. The smartphone has a protruding rear camera that hasn’t been addressed by the company for three years. In addition to that, the antenna lines on the back of the mobile device are also a “problem” that the tech giant has to deal with. These are just a few of the many unlikely good designs. However, the iPhone 8 may bring over the severe design compromise yet.

Based on all the leaks we’ve seen regarding the iPhone 8, we can assume a smartphone with thin bezels, making room for a much larger display in a body. At the top, a complex array of front-facing cameras, as well as fingerprint sensors, will take up a portion of the screen. And with that, we can conclude that it will surely create an uneven bezel.

The recent images posted on Weibo show the screen protectors made for the iPhone 8. They reveal how large that bezel might be, and show how much display will be possibly consumed by the front part. The images also suggest that the upcoming iPhone 8 will come in a variety of colors that will be matched with either white or black bezels.

If the images are all accurate, it also seems to imply that the most elegant answer that would fix a particular problem isn’t yet here. Apple has envisioned the arrangements with the speaker and front-facing cameras beneath the screen of the smartphone. And because of these components, which disappear under the display, there wouldn’t be a call for a cutout at the top.

On the other hand, as reported by Forbes, the most anticipated Apple iPhone 8 will be waterproof with wireless charging. This is really a big shift to a new glass chassis. Apple is expected to unveil their flagship smartphone during a special event in mid-September and showcase the iPhone 8’s new concept and design.


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