Tesla Model 3 Interior Updates With This New Concept Render

One of the many longstanding questions regarding the upcoming Tesla Model 3 involves the vehicle's interior design. When CEO Elon Musk revealed the initial design of Model 3 last year, the interior was rather bland. Today, a new update regarding the interior of the Model 3 was unveiled with an official new concept render.

Tesla’s highly anticipated mass exchange EV lacked a very conventional instrument cluster with appropriate information, which includes speed and range. As a result of that, speculation that the automaker would either incorporate a digital dashboard or an automotive head-up display (HUD) of some sort quickly began to develop.

As reported by BGR, the interior design of the Model 3 we saw last year won’t be any different. In fact, just a few months ago, CEO Musk already confirmed that the Model 3 will not include any futuristic instrument cluster. And as explained, there’s not significantly a need for a traditional instrument cluster when a vehicle is capable of driving itself.

With that said, everyone can rest assured knowing that the shipping version of the Tesla Model 3 will be much more elegant compared to the photos that were unveiled earlier. As a proof, this is what the original interior design of the Model 3 will look like.

New renders from Electrek suggested that the upcoming Model 3 vehicle will have a user interface (UI), which will be subpar for human drivers until full self-driving is available. This UI is different when the car is parked or when moving on the road. Below is the UI when the Tesla Model 3 is not moving.

Despite a long history of missing production deadlines, Tesla remains settled that the mass production of Model 3 car will begin next month. This makes sense since Tesla has confirmed a number of key performance details regarding the upcoming product. These features include the fact that the car will be able to go from 0-60 MPH in 5.6 seconds. Also, the entry-level of Tesla Model 3 will have a range of 215 miles.


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