Tesla Model 3's Folded Back Seats Spotted

Despite the many proofs and sightings on Tesla's upcoming Model 3, it feels like the new leaks are still some new details or so. Today, a folded back seat has been spotted by a netizen and Tesla claimed as the back part of their most awaited Model 3.

In this new sighting, all fans can see for the very first time is the folded back seat of the Tesla Model 3. The car company had already confirmed that the back seats of the anticipated car model would fold and result in 5’6” of space in distance from the back of the front seats up to the end of the trunk.

When the seats are straightened up, it is on par with other vehicles in its segment because the Model 3 vehicle has 14 cubic feet of front and rear trunk cargo volume. A vehicle that was spotted in a vicinity of Tesla on Kato Road is with the rear seats clearly detached from the back of it. However, it’s still not clear how horizontally flat they are folding from the angle on the picture found in Electrek.

The first leaked pictures were first shared by almosttan, an account user on Reddit, who claimed that the images were taken from Facebook by an employee from Tesla. According to the description, the very clear intention why these pictures are shared is to show the interior of the upcoming Model 3. Considering the location on the background it is believed that the Model 3 release candidates are being assembled and it is possible to be one of the latest prototypes built with production-intent tools.

According to Teslarati, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is set to introduce the first production Model 3 next month at an invite-only launch event. The early reservation of the most anticipated Model 3 will initially be given the option to choose from paint color, as well as wheel size. The American automaker is expected to launch a dual-motor Model 3 variant in early 2018.

Aside from that, the images also show some much tighter panel gaps compared to what we all have been used to with the previous Model 3 sightings. This should be encouraging for Model 3 reservation holders especially considering that Tesla is just weeks away from the planned start of production.


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