Here's The First Phone With An On-screen Fingerprint Sensor (And It's Not iPhone 8)

Although Samsung attempted, the South Korean tech giant failed to integrate an on-screen fingerprint sensor to its flagship Galaxy S8. And because of that, Apple might push with this feature on its upcoming iPhone. On the other hand, Vivo, China's global technology company, will be the first company to roll out a mobile smartphone with an on-screen fingerprint sensor.

Today, a leaked video was posted on Weibo and it shows off a smartphone from Vivo that looks a lot like the X9 Plus. According to Android Central, the smartphone has an optical fingerprint sensor installed into the screen of the mobile device. In this case, Vivo could edge out Samsung, Apple, and other companies in launching a smartphone with this feature.

As we all know, since Vivo is a tech company located in China, it primarily focuses on Asian markets. However, with its first-ever published feature on the sensor thing, the upcoming smartphone might be unveiled around the world. As far as records are the concern, Samsung might not be able to roll out the feature in the Galaxy Note 8, because of "security vulnerabilities." The same thing with Apple on its upcoming 10th year anniversary iPhone.

The posted video on the Chinese's social site is a Vivo device that was being unlocked through an on-screen fingerprint recognition. Jiutang Pan, the account user on Weibo, says the smartphone could make it to the market in the coming months and is likely before the revelation of the new flagship of Apple. However, according to Digital Trends, Apple's upcoming iPhone could be the first smartphone outside China to launch with the on-screen fingerprint sensor.

Vivo has proven that the tech company is competitive with its well-quality gadgets. In fact, four years ago, the mobile device manufacturer released the X3. The handset is considered as the world’s thinnest smartphone at the time with a measure of just 5.75 millimeters thick. And last November, Vivo brought the very first smartphone with 6GB of RAM to the market with its XPlay 5.


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