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Thanks To New Model, Artificial Intelligence Can Now Make More Ethical Decisions

A new model will be helping AI make better decisions as it seems they will now consider the ethics of what they do.

by Jared N.

Finally! Uber is Acquiring Postmates for a Massive $2.65 Billion: Will This Save the Comapny's Drop in Profits?

It's Official! Uber is Buys Postmates for $2.65 Billion: Will This Save the Company?

Uber is making a massive purchase of Postmates for $2.65 billion!

by Urian

Tesla? Fashion? Could Elon Musk's Statement of Producing Short Shorts Be a Joke?

Is Tesla Now Going into Fashion? Elon Musk Says They Will Be Producing Short Shorts! Could He Be Joking?

How is Tesla going to change the future? Elon Musk Tweeted that they will be producing short shorts! Was this a joke?

by Urian


Analyzing the Biggest Security Threats in the World of Technology

Technology is advancing quickly and it is important for everyone to be prepared for some of the biggest security threats in the world of tech.

by Joseph West

FILE PHOTO: Jeff Bezos, founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of enters Trump Tower ahead of a meeting of technology leaders with President-elect Donald Trump in Manhattan, New York City, U.S.

While Jeff Bezos' Wealth Ballooned to $171.6 Billion, Other Billionaires Like Warren Buffet Lost Big Time

How did Amazon founder gain so much wealth while people like Warren Buffet are losing money?

by Urian

SEO Dos And Don'ts For 2020

SEO Dos And Don'ts For 2020

With every year that passes by, the face of SEO changes. Tactics that were once considered effective are now not only unsuccessful but they can be damaging to your ranking. With that in mind, read on to discover more about the dos and don'ts for SEO in 2020 so you know what you should be looking for and what you should avoid when working with a leading SEO agency.

by Ernest Hamilton

Could the Best Executive Ever Be Nintendo's Miyamoto with His 98% Approval Ratings?

Who's the Best Executive Ever? Nintendo's Miyamoto Gets 98% Approval Ratings!

Nintendo's Miyamoto gets a strong 98% approval rating, but he only placed fourth! Why isn't he the first?

by Urian

Nate Mitchell Oculus Co-founder

Former Oculus Co-Founder Teams Up With Gaming Industry Experts to Build a New Game Studio!

The goal of the new startup game studio will be to abandon the crunch and toxic culture pervasive in game studios behind and make one that's "collaborative, anti-crunch, diverse and inclusive."

by CaseQ.

Melanie Perkins with her dog

[Success Story] Canva CEO Melanie Perkins Shares How Kitesurfing Help Her Reach Her Goals

Melanie Perkins is one of the youngest billionaires in the world, but what did she do to become so successful? Find out her success story here.

by Jared N.

Christopher Lee, Marketing Manager at WNY Holdings, Describes 5 Tools You Should Have in Your Entrepreneurial Toolbox

Christopher Lee, Marketing Manager at WNY Holdings, Describes 5 Tools You Should Have in Your Entrepreneurial Toolbox

Entering a keyword like 'entrepreneurship’ or 'branding tools online' into a Google search can lead to being overwhelmed with the amount of information available on these topics. The right tools can help you build your brand and expand on your current network while improving your work. Here, Christopher Lee, the Marketing Manager at WNY Holdings, offers a resource list with some of the best tools you should have in your entrepreneurial toolbox.

by Staff Reporter

Insiders Reveal Uber Trying to Buy Out Postmates! Could They Be Threatened?

Why is Uber Eager to Buy Out Postmates? Could They Be Threatened?

Insiders have revealed that Uber and Postmates are talking behind the curtains. Could an acquisition be on the way?

by Urian

Money and Cellphones

[Survey] American Families Have More Than $40B-worth of Unused Tech But Almost a Third Aren't Aware How to Turn Them Into Cash

The research also showed that four in five Americans are sitting on a mobile phone they're not using and two in five have three to five obsolete pieces of technology hiding in plain sight.

by CaseQ.

Warning: Huawei Set to Create a $1.2 Billion Research Facility that Could Be a 'Chinese Trojan Horse'

Warning: Huawei Will Create a $1.2 billion Research Facility that Could Be a 'Chinese Trojan Horse'

Tory MP warns that Huawei's new facility could be a "Chinese Trojan Horse" and advice against its involvement in UK's 5G.

by Urian

Why Outsourcing Software Development Is a Good Idea

Why Outsourcing Software Development Is a Good Idea

It may look like every second company you know is going for software development outsourcing today. Is it a justified global outsourcing trend? How will you benefit from outsourcing your project to another tech company? Is it worth it?

by Eric Hamilton

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