H2BHT Illustration (IMAGE)

Bio-inspired Material Targets Oceans' Uranium Stores for Sustainable Nuclear Energy

Scientists have demonstrated a new bio-inspired material for an eco-friendly and cost-effective approach to recovering uranium from seawater.

by Staff Reporter

Schematic Image of Rapid Heating System with the CHT (IMAGE)

Rapid Heating Equipment for Semiconductor Devices Using Innovative Wireless Lamp

Researchers from Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology (TUAT), ORC Manufacturing Co. Ltd. and Techno Research., Ltd achieved high-quality crystallization of amorphous silicon film by developing rapid heating technology with the microwave induced wireless heating lamp.

by Staff Reporter

Schematic of the Experimental Infrared Photodiode (IMAGE)

Experimental Device Generates Electricity from the Coldness of the Universe

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 6, 2019 -- The obvious drawback of solar panels is that they require sunlight to generate electricity. Some have observed that for a device on Earth facing space, which has a frigid temperature, the chilling outflow of energy from the device can be harvested using the same kind of optoelectronic physics we have used to harness solar energy.

by Staff Reporter

Organic Solar Cells

Researchers Make Organic Solar Cells Immune to the Ravages of Water, Air and Light

BROOKLYN, New York, Wednesday, May 3, 2019 - The market for organic solar cells is expected to grow more than 20% between 2017 and 2020, driven by advantages over traditional silicon solar cells: they can be mass produced at scale using roll-to-roll processing; the materials comprising them can be easily found in the earth and could be applied to solar cells through green chemistry; they can be semitransparent and therefore less visually intrusive -- meaning they can be mounted on windows or screens and are ideal for mobile devices; they are ultra-flexible and can stretch; and they can be ultra-lightweight.

by Staff Reporter

Wildfire Allegedly Started by National Guard Helicopter

Cosmic Particles from Space May Crash Your Computers, Phones, Others

Researchers from Vanderbilt University’s Radiation Effects Research Group have blamed computer crashes and phone freezes on cosmic particles from outer space. The research group explained that cosmic particles are electrically charged and generated from cosmic rays. They insist these cause outages and interference with electronics but without any noticed effects on humans.

by Charles Omedo

Jean-Christophe Novelli Drinks Thames River Water

Researchers Develop Sunlight-Powered Water Purifiers For Those Who Can't Afford Clean Water

A solar-powered device that could generate clean drinking water has recently been developed that is more cost-effective and even efficient for users.

by Marion Villareal

Coal Process And Transfer Facility In Utah

Increasing Demand Of Solar Power Could Cause Higher Price Of Coal By Year 2020

With the rapid increase of demand among solar-powered equipments these days, businessmen have opted to increase the price of coal and oil.

by Marion Villareal

Workers of Fukushima Daiichi

Researchers Discovered That Radiation Level Of Those Living Near Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Overestimated Four Times More

The radiation level of the surrounding residential area of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant has been overestimated by the government to four times more than its actual record.

by Marion Villareal

New Containment Dome Installed Over Chernobyl's Damaged Nuclear Reactor

Foreign Investors Eyeing Chernobyl To Be Used As A Giant Solar Power Park

Foreign inverstors such as China and Germany are eyeing to make a solar power park ot of the abandoned nuclear pwoer plant at Chernobyl in Ukraine.

by Marion Villareal

Sitting In Ice Buckets To Compete Eating Peppers In Hangzhou

Study Shows Eating Hot Pepper Linked To Living A Much Longer Life Than Anticipated

Recent study indicates and confirms that the consumption of hot peppers could reduce mortality and death by natural causes by 13 percent.

by Marion Villareal

Prostate Cancer UK Scottish Senior Open - Day Three

How To Decipher Men With Prostate Cancer That Need More Agressive Treatment?

There has been a study conducted to determine which men are in need of more agressive treatment when diagnosed with prostate cancer.

by Marion Villareal

NASA Offers Tour Of Its Offshore Membrane Enclosure For Growing Algae (OMEGA) System

Algae Biofuel: Finding Algae Species For Making Renewable Energy

Algae might be the future of renewable energy! With the booming industry of algae biofuel, researchers try to find more productive algae species to make biofuel.

by Anne Dominguez

The Titanic Centenary Memorial Held At The Port Of Southampton

New Evidence Suggests The Iceberg May Not Have Caused 'Titanic' To Sink

There have been new studies and evidences released proving that there may be so much more to the story of the Titanic sinking than just hitting the iceberg.

by Marion Villareal

Germany Invests In Renewable Energy Sources

Croton Nut Oil: Biofuel That Grows On Trees

Croton nut oil is now being produced in east Africa. This new source of biofuel may be Africa’s source of a new agricultural revolution.

by Allan Alforte

2016 New York Taste Presented By Citi Hosted By New York Magazine

New Studies Reveal And Prove How To Prevent Allergy On Peanuts; Process Could Start At Infancy

There have been recent studies revealing that peanut alergy can be prevented even at child's infancy whihc as been a good news to so many.

by Marion Villareal

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