UPS Expects Today To Be Busy Delivery Day

UPS Drivers Never Turn Left For Fuel Economy and Emission Purposes

UPS truck drivers stopped turning left on the road since the 1970s, and even today they still apply that rule wherever possible. The package delivery company justifies this on fuel economy, reduced emission, and reduction in auto accidents. The company now has a software known as Orion which regulates the use of right turns against left turns in pre-planned routes.

by Charles Omedo

West Nile Virus Mosquitoes Return Early To California

Watch This Bird Consuming an Alligator in Florida

The Fish and Wildlife Research Institute, an agency of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission on Thursday posted a Facebook video of a bird killing and eating an alligator. The video has opened the eyes of wildlife conservationists and nature enthusiasts to the fact that birds can be a serious threat to amphibians and reptiles alike. It has also proven the point that there is little humans can do to protect endangered species from certain predators in the wild.

by Charles Omedo

Silver Frost Is Illuminated At Zao Ski Resort In Japan

This Is Zealandia, the Underwater Continent upon Which New Zealand Sits

A team of scientists from the University of Sydney, Victoria University, the Service Geologique de Nouvelle Caledonie, and the GNS Science Research Institute in New Zealand has published a study identifying an eight continent, called Zealandia. The research team published their findings in GSA Today – a journal of The Geological Society of America. The title of the study is Zealandia: Earth’s Hidden Continent.

by Charles Omedo

Auction Of A Complete Woolly Mammoth Skeleton

Scientist Plans To Recreate Woolly Mammoths In Artificial Womb

Woolly mammoths have been extinct for about 4000 years ago. Harvard scientists claim that they are close to creating woolly mammoth embryo.

by Irene Guerrero

Media Preview Is Held For New Frog Exhibit

Michigan Wants Volunteers to Survey Toads and Frogs Again This Year

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is requesting for individual volunteers to help out with its yearly frog and toad survey. The main aim of this annual event is to help the state determine the population and growth amphibians in the state. Volunteers will only need to listen to frog calls during the breeding season and identify their species and numbers.

by Charles Omedo

Greenland: A Laboratory For The Symptoms Of Global Warming

Scientists Hatch Crazy $500 Billion Plan To Refreeze the Arctic

A team of 14 scientists has published a study in the journal Earth’s Future – a American Geophysical Union’s publication, detailing their plan to replenish the ice of the Arctic as a way of combating the effects of climate change in the region. The scientists are aiming to invest $500 billion into the scheme over a period of time.

by Charles Omedo

Toxic Chemicals Affect Marine Life In Deep Sea Trenches

Toxic Chemicals Affect Marine Life In Deep Sea Trenches

Pollution is one of the major environmental issues today. Toxic chemicals affect marine life even in deep sea trenches.

by Rodney Rafols

Beekeepers Prepare For Spring Pollination

Group Sues Donald Trump’s Government for Not Protecting Bees

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) on Tuesday filed a lawsuit challenging the authority of the Donald Trump government to delay designating the rusty patched bumblebee as an endangered species – a designation that ought to take effect last Friday after it was listed in the Federal Register on January 11.

by Charles Omedo

Deep-Sea Fish, Frill Shark Found Alive In Numazu, Japan

Mariana Trench: Scientists Find Contamination in World’s Deepest Ocean

Scientists had earlier believed that the Mariana Trench and the Kermadec Trench of the Pacific Ocean were insulated from human influences because they happen to be the deepest parts of the ocean at over 10 kilometers deep and at a distance of 7,000 kilometers apart from each other.

by Charles Omedo

Oldest Parchment Of The Ten Commandments On Display In Times Square

Archeologists Uncover 12th Ancient Cave Housing Dead Sea Scrolls

A team of archeologists from Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Liberty University of Virginia in the US has unearthed another ancient cave that reportedly bore the famed Dead Sea Scrolls. With the first Dead Sea scroll discovery made near Khirbet Qumran in late 1946, 11 other excavation sites have been found and this latest discovery marks the 12th Dead Sea scroll cave to be uncovered.

by Charles Omedo

Mass Stranding of Pilot Whales - Anstruther

Pilot Whales Mass Stranding In New Zealand: More Than 350 Dead

Almost half of the pilot whales that were stranded died. Rescuers and volunteers did their best to save survivors back to the sea. Pilot whales are not endangered however their population in New Zealand is not accurately known.

by Irene Guerrero

Marine Explosion

Atomic Bomb Test Caused Cancers, New Mexico Alleges

The government in 1945 tested the first atomic bomb in southern New Mexico during World War I, now residents of Tularosa and four other New Mexico counties demand compensation from the government because health records show the atomic bomb test caused untold hardships and cancer-related illnesses down the generations of several families living near the test site area.

by Charles Omedo

Parents Of Stolen Penguin Produce New Egg

Climate Change: African Penguins Are In Danger

Climate changed has changed so much things in the African penguin's ecosystem. The most essential need for survival. If no one will do aomething about it, African penguins will go extcinct.

by Irene Guerrero

Living Stylodactylid Shrimp Documented 4826 Meters Deep

Living Stylodactylid Shrimp Documented 4826 Meters Deep

Living stylodactylid shrimp was documented in the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument. Depths such as those at the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument are an extreme challenge for explorers. Providing too little information about the species living there and their behavior.

by Irene Guerrero

Coal Process And Transfer Facility In Utah

Increasing Demand Of Solar Power Could Cause Higher Price Of Coal By Year 2020

With the rapid increase of demand among solar-powered equipments these days, businessmen have opted to increase the price of coal and oil.

by Marion Villareal

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