Sea Angel

[VIDEO] Stunning Angel Of The Sea Caught Hovering Under the Ice By a Professional Photographer

See also other beautiful photos of this real-life marine creature in the White Sea as captured by photographer Alexander Semenov

by Renz

Renewable Energy for New York? 2.5GW Offshore Wind Power Auction is Now

New York's Renewable Energy 2.5GW Offshore Wind Power Auction is Now "Suspended" Due to the Ongoing Pandemic

The ongoing pandemic has taken a toll on New York's quest for renewable energy by postponing the 2.5GW offshore wind power auction indefinitely!

by Urian

Penguin supports fellow widow through hardship

Birds of the Same Feather: See These Two Widowed Penguins Support Each Other With A Comforting Hug

Watch two Penguins share a sorrowful but comforting hug after being widowed and losing their partners recently

by Renz

Venus and its searing hot surface

Russian Simulations Find Life Can Exist on Venus as Microbrial Organisms Thrive on its Harsh Environment

Venus could hold life in a new simulated study by Russian scientists; find out the details here

by Renz

Dinosaur and Bird Skulls

Birds Beat Dinos: CT Scans Of 3D Skulls Reveal Larger Brain To Body Scale On Modern Avians

Scientists figured out why birds beat out the dinosaurs in the survival of the fittest against the massive asteroid of prehistoric times

by Renz

[Breaking News] Tornado Hits East Texas Killing 2, Injuring 12, and leaving 9,000 Without Power: Watch Video of Tornado Tear Through Seven Oats, Texas

[Breaking News] 2 Dead, 12 Injured, 9,000 Without Power: Watch Video of Tornado Tearing Through East Texas

A recent Tornado has just swept through east Texas killing 2 residents, injuring 12, and leaving 9,000 without power. The tornado was caught on camera and is seen going through Seven Oats, Texas.

by Urian

Blue Whale hunting for Krills

WATCH! Incredible Drone Footage Shows The Ingenious Way Blue Whales Save Energy While Hunting For Food

Watch the majestic blue whale feed on krills in the surface of the water to help it reduce energy consumption.

by Renz

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Donates Blood for the Development of 'Hank-ccine', a Coronavirus Vaccine

After their initial statement sharing their experience with the deadly virus, the two actors kept fans updated with their condition regularly in their isolation Down Under. They eventually made a full recovery and made their back home to Los Angeles.

by Renz

Two Russian Air Force Fighters Spotted Flying Over a US Destroyer were Intercepted by a Belgian F-16 Fighter Jet

Belgian F-16 Fighter Jet Intercepts Two Russian Air Force Fighters Flying Over US Destroyer!

A certain Belgian F-16 fighter jet was able to intercept two different Russian air force fighter jets that were seen flying over a US Destroyer!

by Urian

[Breaking News] Poultry and Poultry Products Farm Fire Breaks in Licking County Ohio!

[Breaking News] Farm Fire in Licking County, Ohio LIVE Now!

A recent fire has broken out in Licking County, Oho and so far, the reports are saying that a certain poultry and poultry products farm has been affected!

by Urian

[Animal Cruelty] Previous WWF Ad Was Released as a Warning For Recent Situation: Sumatran Elephant Found Without Tusk Left Mutilated By Killers

WWF Ad Released for This Exact Reason: Sumatran Elephant Found Without Tusk Left Mutilated By Killers (Animal Cruelty)

The worst nightmare which was previously shown in a WWF Ad has just recently come to life. A Sumatran elephant was previously found without tusk left mutilated by killers.

by Urian

[VIDEO] Kthulu? No, Siphonophores! 150ft Tentacled Creature Emerges from Deep Sea

[VIDEO] 150ft Tentacled Kthulu-Like Siphonophore Captured from the Deep Sea Amongst Other Discoveries

Underwater explorers were able to capture a 150ft Kthulu-like siphonophorus with a tentacle-string like structure that stretches up to 150ft!

by Urian

Storms Cause Flood in Texas Shortly After Tornado Hits Mississippi: 39,000 Without Power While Damage Is Being Assessed

Flood Hits Texas Shortly After Tornado in Mississippi Leaving 39,000 Without Power

A storm has just recently caused a flood in Texas, leaving 39,000 without power! This incident happened shortly after the Tornado incident in Mississippi.

by Urian

Pillars of Creation as captured by Hubble Telecope

NASA Shows 'Pillars Of Creation' Being Devoured By Stars In This Stunning New Infrared Photograph

Stunning image of Pillars of Creation as NASA's Hubble Telescope redefines that discovery with the use of infrared light in this stunning photograph

by Renz

Devastating Tornadoes hit several states

Happening Now: Tornado Surge Claims 1 Life In Mississippi As Photos And Videos Emerge

Tornado Cluster hits several states as National Service Weather experts advise people to stay indoors and stay safe amid the catastrophe

by Renz

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