On the Go Portable Smartphone Sanitizers: Keep Yourself Safe from Harmful Bacteria, Germs, and Viruses

[Review] Smartphone Sanitizers Work: Here are the Best (2020)

Smartphone sanitizers decrease the risk of infection. Here are a few that don't hurt your wallet.

by Urian

BLU Zoey Flex

3 Best Phones For Seniors 2020: Features and Specs You Need to Consider Before Buying

Buying phones for the modern-day kid is hard enough as you need to consider a lot of factors. Buying phones for your grandparents is a different challenge altogether.

by CaseQ.

[Warning] Apple MacBook Air Tends to Overheat! What Went Wrong?

[Warning] Apple MacBook Air is Overheating! What Went Wrong?

The new Apple MacBook Air is getting a lot of complaints about its overheating problem. Why on earth would Apple do this?

by Urian

Laptops for Creatives: Freelancer Must Haves for Better Performance

Laptops for Creatives: One-Stop Money-Maker for Freelancers

Pick the perfect laptop for creatives and launch your freelance career forward. Find out three things to watch out before making that huge purchase.

by Urian

Student on Chromebook

3 Best Chromebooks For College Students 2020: 3 Things to Look Out For When Buying

Don't have a laptop, but you need one for online classes? These Chromebooks are the best for students in college.

by Jared N.

Samsung Galaxy S20+

3 Best 5G Phones 2020 and Guide on Choosing Your Internet Provider

So for those who are looking for an upgrade from their old and outdated phones, you have read the right article. But before you start making decisions, it is imperative you get a basic understanding of what 5G is and how it separates itself from the rest.

by CaseQ.

EVOO EV-C-116-5

[Specs] Walmart's $140 Laptop Review: Here's Why You Shouldn't Buy

Walmart has a $140 laptop up for sale, but is it worth the price? Short answer: It isn't. Here's why.

by Jared N.

[Macbook Pro Hacks] Here's How to Use an External Graphics Card to Maximize Your Experience

[Macbook Pro Hacks] Here are 3 Best External Graphics Card to Maximize Your Experience

Here's a hack to make the most out of your Macbook Pro.

by Urian

Portable Gaming Hacks: Install an External Graphics Card on Your Laptop to Enjoy Playing Anywhere at Anytime

3 Best External Graphics Cards For Your Laptops [2020]

If you haven't known yet, you can actually have external graphics cards for your laptop instead of having to install them!

by Urian

[Photography Essentials] Android Adobe Photoshop Camera Review: Features, and More!

[REVIEW] AI- Enabled Adobe Photoshop Camera For Android Now on Google Play Store:Here's Why it Rocks!

Check out why the Adobe Photoshop Camera for Android could be your best friend in photography aside from the artificial intelligence technology incorporated within the app.

by Urian

New Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Review: Leaks, Specs, Release Date, and More

[LEAKED PHOTOS] Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Review: Leaks, Specs, Release Date, and More

Learn more about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, leaks, specs, release date, and more

by Urian

AT&T Prepaid Plan Now Offers as Low as $20 Per Month or only $0.67 Per Day!

AT&T Prepaid Plan Offers Go as Low as $20 Per Month or only $0.67 Per Day!

AT&T prepaid plans now offers as low as $20 per month or only $0.67 per day!

by Urian

Huawei P40: Could This Phone have the Best Camera Zoom Ever?

Could the Huawei P40 Have the Best Camera Zoom Ever?

The Huawei P40 is coming on with an even more powerful camera zoom compared to the famous Huawei P20.

by Urian

Don't Put a Screen Protector on Your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Doing This Voids Your Warranty

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Putting a Screen Protector Could Void Your Warranty

Many people might not know this, but putting a screen protector on your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip could actually void your warranty.

by Urian

Asus ROG Phone 3 Rumors Emerge: Why Would Anyone Need this Monstrous Octa-Core 12GB RAM Mobile Phone?

[Leak] Asus ROG Phone 3: Why Would Anyone Need this Monstrous 12GB RAM Mobile Phone?

Why on earth would anyone need an octa-core 12GB RAM phone? Asus ROG Phone 3 rumors leaked.

by Urian

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