SpaceX Starlink Satellite Launch

Are You A Fan Of Elon Musk's Rocket Company? Check These SpaceX Launch Memorabilia Out!

SpaceX has done a lot to forward humanity's progress towards space travel. You can get some memorabilia of SpaceX's launches on Amazon.

by Jared N.

Zeus the Robot Dog Inspects SpaceX Rocket:Will We Be Seeing More of Boston Dynamics?

Watch Zeus the Robot Dog Inspects SpaceX Rocket: Did He Sniff Any Trouble?

New Boston Dynamics robot named Zeus inspects SpaceX's rocket. Could the robot dog be the next addition to the team?

by Urian

Falcon 9 launches 58 Starlink satellites and 3 Planetlabs Skysats

[UPDATE] SpaceX is Cleared for Falcon 9 Launch, But Has the Weather Favorability Improved From 40%?

Poor weather seems to have it out for SpaceX - storms delayed the firm's historical mission to the International Space Station and now they threaten the next Starlink satellite launch.

by CaseQ.

[Video] Watch the Soyuz Capsule Dock on the ISS: Comments Claim that it was Edited?

[Video] Watch the' Actual' Video of a Soyuz Capsule Dock with the ISS: Was it Edited?

A video has been uploaded to Twitter showing the "actual" video of a Soyuz capsule docking on the ISS. Was this edited?

by Urian

[New Discovery] Mars Might Not be the Only Planet that is Habitable: How About Jupiter's Moon?

New Discovery: Mars Might Not be the Only Planet Aside from Earth that's Habitable, How About Jupiter's Moon?

Scientists have recently discovered that Mars might not be the only planet that is habitable. What about Jupiter's moon?

by Urian

Hubble Space Telescope Captures Butterfly-Shaped Planetary Nebula

Look! Hubble Captured Magnificent Images of Butterfly-Shaped Planetary Nebulas

The Hubble Space Telescope just celebrated its 30th year of revealing stunning scenes and mind-blowing photography from space. And NASA just released more images from Hubble of two young planetary nebulas, which are expanding shells of gas created by dying stars shedding their outer layers.

by CaseQ.

Tornado at Sturgeon Lake

[VIDEO] Update: Tornado Touched Down at Sturgeon Lake, Canada Weather Agency Confirmed

Mike Smith captured a video of a suspected twister over Sturgeon Lake at around 3 pm of June 23.

by Krisana E.

The Large Hadron Collider

CERN Okays Ambitious $23bn 62-mile Super-Collider Project: Where Will it Get Funds Though?

experts must design the new collider and determine whether the design is feasible. CERN Council details a plan that will ultimately take place in two phases, the first of which will be more immediate and will involve the electron-positron collider.

by CaseQ.

[New Video] See the Close Up of the Proud SpaceX Crew Dragon as it Flaunts the NASA Logo and the American Flag

[New Video] See Close Up How the SpaceX Crew Dragon Flaunted the NASA Logo and American Flag

SpaceX, truly American! See how SpaceX promotes not its own logo, but the NASA logo and the American Flag!

by Urian

Elon Musk / Tesla

Elon Musk Has an Interesting Job Posting as He Confirms Plan to Build 'Floating' Spaceports For His SpaceX Rockets

SpaceX will be building spaceports for rockets to use when they travel between the Earth, the moon, and Mars.

by Jared N.

radio burst from deep space

Astronomers Discover Fast Radio Bursts from Deep Space: A Sign of Extraterrestrial Life?

imagine when a couple of astronomers discover fast radio bursts (FRBs) that would blow their minds forever.

by CaseQ.

Russia's Space Leader Has a Few Things to Say About Elon Musk's SpaceX's Recent Success: Jealous?

Is Russia's Space Leader Jealous of SpaceX's Elon Musk?

Could Russia's space leader be jealous of Elon Musk's SpaceX's recent success?

by Urian

[Video] Check Out How the SpaceX Deploys Their Starlink Into Orbit

[Video] Watch SpaceX Deploy the Starlink Into Orbit

SpaceX has recently posted on its official Twitter account a video footage of a space rocket launching into space. The space rocket's name is "Starlink" and SpaceX itself manufactured it. Check out how it looks like.

by Urian

HelloMask: Could Transparent Eco-Friendly Surgical Face Masks be the Next Big Thing?

Could Transparent Eco-Friendly Face Masks "HelloMask" be the Next Big Thing?

A certain Swiss startup with the name HMCARE, spun out of the whole Ecole Polytechnique federale de Lausanne, has been able to raise a whopping million Swiss Francs (which is equivalent to around $105 million USD) in order to forward a new product that could possibly create a whole new trend.

by Urian

Elon Musk Confirms Pictures of Ice-Filled Mars Circulating the Internet

Elon Musk Included: This Picture of Ice-Filled Mars is Taking The Internet By Storm

Elon Musk comes back to Twitter after some time off. Elon Musk is back in the Twitterverse again after his worldwide announcement of some time off from the social media application on June 2, 2020. One of Elon Musk's latest tweets on Twitter was a remark on planet Mars having a substantial amount of icy water in one of its craters.

by Urian

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