How Do Personal Emergency Response Systems Work?

How Do Personal Emergency Response Systems Work?

Personal emergency response systems, known as PERS for short, are systems that help people to raise the alarm and get immediate help when a medical or personal emergency occurs. They are ideal for older people and anyone with a mobility issue or an injury or illness that can cause falls.

by Eric Hamilton

Artist's impression of a Massive Galaxy

Astronomers Discover 'Monster' Galaxy Lurking in Distant Dust Clouds

UMass Amherst, Arizona, Australian team finds new evidence for huge deep space objects

by Staff Reporter

pushing dynamics

Pushy Robots Learn the Fundamentals of Object Manipulation

Systems 'learn' from novel dataset that captures how pushed objects move, to improve their physical interactions with new objects

by Staff Reporter

New robotic suit

New Lightweight, Portable Robotic Suit to Increase Running and Walking Performance

Newly developed robot suit made of fabric vest and wires to help people with restricted mobility to walk or run more efficiently

by Staff Reporter


New Flame Retardants, Old Problems

Replacement flame retardants present serious risks, caution scientists

by Staff Reporter

swirling solitons

Schools of Molecular 'Fish' Could Improve Display Screens

Take a dive into what may be the world's smallest coral reef. Scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder are using a type of material called liquid crystals to create incredibly small, swirling schools of "fish," according to a study published recently in the journal Nature Communications.

by Staff Reporter

Elon Musk Sends a Tweet Through Space, and it Worked

Elon Musk Sends His First Ever Tweet Through Space via Starlink, and it Worked

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is finally back on Twitter, and he's now sending them through space.

by Nhx T.

NASA planetary protection policy - ITECHPOST

NASA Needs to Keep Up With Today’s Context of Space Exploration, Says PPIRB

Planetary Protection Independent Review Board (PPIRB) calls NASA to update planetary protection policies

by Pauline Mendoza

Honeywell's New Advanced Weather Radar Provides Safety for Aircraft Pilots and Passengers

Honeywell's New Advanced Weather Radar Provides Safety for Aircraft Pilots and Passengers

Honeywell has a new weather radar system that ensures safety for aircraft pilots and passengers.

by Nhx T.

UCLA researchers

Ancient Stars Shed Light on Earth's Similarities to Other Planets

A new method used to study planets' geochemistry implies that Earth is not unique

by Staff Reporter

mars roving

Mars Once Had Salt Lakes Similar to Earth

Texas A&M researchers found that Mars has undergone wet and dry periods and salt lakes formed similar to some found in South America.

by Staff Reporter

Technology system for circular use of plastic

All Plastic Waste Could Become New, High-quality PlasticTthrough Advanced Steam Cracking

A research group at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, has developed an efficient process for breaking down any plastic waste to a molecular level.

by Staff Reporter

person wearing red hoodie

Electric Cloth

Flexible, wearable supercapacitors based on porous nanocarbon nanocomposites

by Staff Reporter

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