Saturn's Hexagon-shaped feature

NASA's Cassini Captures Photographs Of Saturn's Hexagon Haze Layers; Here's What Researchers Think

See what makes Saturn so unique with its geometrically accurate hexagon weather phenomenon and how it works!

by Renz

Triton Submarines Come Out with their New Luxury 24-Seater Commercial Sub: The DeepView 24

DeepView 24: What Is It Like Inside a 24-Seater Luxury Commercial Submarine?

Triton Submarines, the company behind deep-sea tourism success brings a new luxury commercial submarine known as the 24-seater DeepView 24.

by Urian

Neuralink Brain Implants

Elon Musk's Neuralink Company Works To Bring Brain Chips Within A Year; Could AI Be In The Process Of Joining Real Humans?

Humans and machine could very be mixed earlier than later as Elon Musk believes we are being outpaced by artificial intelligence

by Renz

Why Aren't Faces Symmetrical? TikTok Video Shows How Brad Pitt, Kim Kardashian, Denzel Washington, and Other Celebrities Look With a Perfectly Mirrored Face

Why Aren't Faces Symmetrical? Doctor Shows How Brad Pitt, Kim Kardashian, Denzel Washington Look in Bizarre TikTok Video

Perfect symmetry can be pleasing for some things but when it comes to the human face, a doctor

by Urian


NASA's Hubble Pairs With Gemini Observatory And Juno Spacecraft To Probe Deeper Into Jupiter's Mystery

See the amazing photographs of Jupiter's swirling storms captured by NASA Hubble Space Telescope along with the Gemini Observatory and Juno spacecraft

by Renz

HR 6819

Astronomers Discover 'Quiet' Black Hole Hiding Within Two Stars' Orbit And Becomes Closest One To Earth

See in this video how this black hole deceived astronomers by hiding in the orbit of one star that's part of a twin in just yet another astronomy breakthrough!

by Renz

2000-Year-Old Vessel 'Sewed' Together Answers the Question

2,000-Year-Old Vessel Found 'Sewed' Together with Ropes and Wooden Nails in Croatia Gives Clue on How Ancient Romans Build Ship

The discovery was found in Croatia and the vessel was located at the Porta de Mar archaeological site somewhere around the ancient waterfront of a certain town called Porec, where it had previously sunk right next to this ancient pier.

by Urian

Embodied's Moxie

[Video] Embodied's Moxie Is A New Interactive Robot That Is Capable Of Emotional Understanding And Speech

Watch the new Moxie iRobot that has the ability to understand and even relay emotions with matching speech, proper facial expressions, and fluid body motions. AI at its best!

by Renz


The Moon Like You've Never Seen It Before As Astrophotographer Meticulously Combines Multiple Lunar Phases Into One Beautifully Clear Image

See an amazing never before seen picture of the Moon as astrophotography Andrew McCarthy delivers a wonderful combination of Lunar phases

by Renz

Atmospheric Pollution

Scientists Unveil New Carbon Capture Using New Membrane That Acts Like A Coffee Filter to Address Global Warming

Scientists from Newcastle University have found a way to efficiently and affordably reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It is capable of separating Co2 from a mixture of gases.

by Renz

NASA's Perseverance Rover

NASA Equips Perseverance Rover With Improved Zooming Cameras That Lets You See Mars In 3D; Here's How To Tune In

This 2020, NASA plans to utilize upgraded cameras to enable students to monitor and observe Mars and will share the footage with the public. Find out how they plan to do so here

by Renz

A Moon Rock is Being Sold at Charlie's Auction House for $2.5 million! Is the Fifth-Largest 30 Pound Meteorite Worth the Price?

Would You Buy a Piece of Moon for $2.5 Million? The Fifth-Largest 30 Pound Meteorite is Bigger than What Apollo Brought!

The famous Christie's auction house is selling a chunk of the moon that is bigger than all the rocks that the Apollo astronauts previously brought back to Earth. Would you buy it for $2.5 million?

by Urian

Watch Out for the Meteor Shower to Happen 11:00 pm EDT: Here's How to Spot the Eta Aquarids

Meteor Shower Happening 11:00 pm EDT: How to Spot Eta Aquarids

The Eta Aquarids is said to be coming around very soon and if you want to find this heavenly sight, here's how to do it.

by Urian

FILE PHOTO: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un salutes as an honour guard march past as he and his aunt Kim Kyong Hui, Premier Pak Pong Ju attend the opening ceremony of the Cemetery of Fallen Fighters of the Korean People's Army (KPA) in Pyongyang

Kim Jong Un Not Dead: North Korea's Dictator Attends Fertilizer Plant Ceremony that Could Fuel the Country's Nuclear Power

The dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, has suddenly shown up at a fertilizer plant ceremony putting rumors of his death to rest.

by Urian

Recent Video Shows How Planets are Formed by Discs of Gas and Dust Rotating Around a Young Star: Space and Astronomy Answers

[Video] See How Planets are Formed by Discs of Dust and Gas Rotating Around a Young Star: The Wonders of Space and Astronomy

[Astronomy Wonder] A recent video has recently shown just how planets are formed by discs of gas and dust rotating around a young star! Let's see how space answers the old astronomy question "how are planets born?"

by Urian

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