SkyDrive Flying Cars

Flying Cars Over Japan in 2023? Tokyo-Based Skydrive Plans to Realize That in Three Year's Time

Flying cars will soon fly over the skies of Japan. Tokyo-based SkyDrive will test its two-seater vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) vehicle.

by Hanna S.

 Low-Cost Spacesuit

Low-Cost Spacesuit: Making Space Exploration Accessible to Everyone

Cameron Smith has always wanted to be an astronaut. Though he didn't grow up to be one, he still didn't give up his dream of being in space. He instead created his own low-cost spacesuit.

by Hanna S.


SpaceX to Launch a Modern Spaceport Resort in Texas

SpaceX is launching a spaceport in Boca Chica, Texas. The company is also looking for a spaceport manager to lead the establishment of the modern spaceport.

by Jerome V.

Traditional analysis vs. SPOCK analysis

This New Artificial Intelligence Can Determine The Orbits of Planets Faster Than Traditional Methods

There is a new AI that uses an algorithm that seems to be better than what researchers are using right now.

by Jared N.


NASA Astronauts To Conduct 2 More Spacewalks This Month

In an effort to finish upgrading the power system of the International Space Station (ISS), NASA astronauts Chris Cassidy and Robert Behnken will conduct a pair of spacewalks Thursday, July 16, and Tuesday, July 21.

by CaseQ.

Odd radio circles (ORCs)

Spotted in Deep Space: Never Before Seen Four Mystery Objects

A few mysterious objects that haven't been seen until now have recently been spotted in deep space thanks to massive radio telescopes.

by Jared N.

One of Rocket Lab's launches

CEO Peter Beck’s Apology Has Elon Musk and Other Competitors Support After Launch Failure

After the failure of the 13th attempt to reach orbit with Electron, Rocket Labs CEO Peter Beck has given out a public apology on Twitter. This has led to competitors, which include Elon Musk, to offer their support.

by Jared N.

NASA announces the agency's headquarters building will be named after Mary W. Jackson, the first African American female engineer at NASA, in Washington

[Watch] NASA Announces Week Update: What Happened to the Artemis Program?

Could we be closer to getting to the moon? NASA provides updates on the progress.

by Urian

SpaceX Starlink Satellite Launch

Are You A Fan Of Elon Musk's Rocket Company? Check These SpaceX Launch Memorabilia Out!

SpaceX has done a lot to forward humanity's progress towards space travel. You can get some memorabilia of SpaceX's launches on Amazon.

by Jared N.

Zeus the Robot Dog Inspects SpaceX Rocket:Will We Be Seeing More of Boston Dynamics?

Watch Zeus the Robot Dog Inspects SpaceX Rocket: Did He Sniff Any Trouble?

New Boston Dynamics robot named Zeus inspects SpaceX's rocket. Could the robot dog be the next addition to the team?

by Urian

Falcon 9 launches 58 Starlink satellites and 3 Planetlabs Skysats

[UPDATE] SpaceX is Cleared for Falcon 9 Launch, But Has the Weather Favorability Improved From 40%?

Poor weather seems to have it out for SpaceX - storms delayed the firm's historical mission to the International Space Station and now they threaten the next Starlink satellite launch.

by CaseQ.

[Video] Watch the Soyuz Capsule Dock on the ISS: Comments Claim that it was Edited?

[Video] Watch the' Actual' Video of a Soyuz Capsule Dock with the ISS: Was it Edited?

A video has been uploaded to Twitter showing the "actual" video of a Soyuz capsule docking on the ISS. Was this edited?

by Urian

[New Discovery] Mars Might Not be the Only Planet that is Habitable: How About Jupiter's Moon?

New Discovery: Mars Might Not be the Only Planet Aside from Earth that's Habitable, How About Jupiter's Moon?

Scientists have recently discovered that Mars might not be the only planet that is habitable. What about Jupiter's moon?

by Urian

Hubble Space Telescope Captures Butterfly-Shaped Planetary Nebula

Look! Hubble Captured Magnificent Images of Butterfly-Shaped Planetary Nebulas

The Hubble Space Telescope just celebrated its 30th year of revealing stunning scenes and mind-blowing photography from space. And NASA just released more images from Hubble of two young planetary nebulas, which are expanding shells of gas created by dying stars shedding their outer layers.

by CaseQ.

The Large Hadron Collider

CERN Okays Ambitious $23bn 62-mile Super-Collider Project: Where Will it Get Funds Though?

experts must design the new collider and determine whether the design is feasible. CERN Council details a plan that will ultimately take place in two phases, the first of which will be more immediate and will involve the electron-positron collider.

by CaseQ.

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