Bullied Dreamer Lands NASA Internship After Being Told it was

Bullied Dreamer is Now a NASA Intern After Being Told Her Ethnicity and Gender Made Her Dream "Impossible"

A post on Linkedin by a certain Janelisse Morales Gonzalez revealed the story of a young dreamer who did not give up no matter what, even being bullied by her own professor. The post was uploaded on June 2 and has quickly generated thousands of views.

by Urian

Artist rendering of the Starship taking off from Mars

[VIDEO] SpaceX Secrets Revealed: This Is How Elon Musk's SpaceX Spacecraft Works

Have you ever wondered how all the spacecraft made by Elon Musk's space company SpaceX worked? a recent video uploaded on Youtube shared details on how the prominent space company's spacecraft, from Falcon 1 to Falcon 9 work.

by Jared N.

3D Concept Uploaded to Twitter Compares Crew Dragon and Starship Size: Did Elon Musk Approve?

3D Concept Comparison Between Crew Dragon and Starship Size Approved by Elon Musk?

A recent 3D concept comparison has been uploaded to Twitter showcasing both the Crew Dragon and the Starship's size. Guess what, Elon Musk himself liked the post! Could this be a sign of approval?

by Urian

Asteroid heading for Earth

Earth Is About To Meet Three Enormous Asteroids This Month: Are We In Danger?

This June, three enormous asteroids will be heading for Earth. Should we be worried about it? Will the three asteroids cause an extinction?

by Jared N.

Hackers Blackmail NASA with Ransomeware: DopplePaymer Uses 2,583 Encrypted Servers and Workstations as Hostage

Hackers Hold NASA Hostage with Ransomware Encrypting 2,583 Servers and Workstations

NASA's IT partner DMI is being blackmailed by DopplePaymer, a certain ransomware. 2,583 encrypted servers and workstations being held hostage.

by Urian

Falcon 9 rolling out

Here's How You Can Watch The SpaceX Starlink 7 Launch That's Happening Tonight

The Starlink 7 launch will be sent into orbit aboard a Falcon 9 rocket soon. If you're interested in watching the launch of 60 satellites into orbit, then here's how to watch it yourself.

by Jared N.

FAST under construction

China's All Set to Find 'Aliens' Using Their New Giant Radio Telescope In September

China has a giant radio telescope, it calls FAST and they intend to use it to find aliens. But can they?

by Jared N.

Demo-2 launch

What Did SpaceX Founder and CEO Elon Musk Mean By "The Trampoline Is Working"?

Elon Musk, SpaceX founder and CEO, said that the trampoline was working moments after Demo-2 successfully launched. What does he mean?

by Jared N.

Humans? Dinosaurs? Rats? UFOs? Sources Say UFOs were Spotted and can be Seen on the SpaceX Dragon Live Stream

Viewers Show Proofs UFOs were Spotted and can be Seen on the SpaceX Dragon Live Stream

WATCH! First humans, then dinosaurs, then rats, now UFOs? Some viewers have said that UFOs were actually spotted during the recent SpaceX Dragon live stream.

by Urian

Humans? Dinosuars? Rats? Video Shows Rodent Aboard NASA's Rocket While in Space! Did This Happen on the SpaceX Crew Dragon?

Video Shows Rodent Moving on NASA's Rocket While in Space! Was This on the SpaceX Crew Dragon?

The dinosaur stuffed toy has been making rounds on the internet as the first dinosaur to ever go to space! Yet a recent video has been circulating the web of a rat seen on a rocket too! Could this be on the recent SpaceX crew dragon!

by Urian

[Video] SpaceX Starship Prototype Exploads Ahead of Anticipated Crewed Rocket Launch

[Video] SpaceX Starship Prototype Explodes Ahead of Upcoming Historic Crewed Rocket Launch

Before the upcoming historic crewed rocket launch by SpaceX's Dragon, the Starship prototype exploded in Texas!

by Urian

Little Astronauts Put on Their Suits in Anticipation for SpaceX Launch

Little Astronauts Suit up for SpaceX's Dragon Launch

As the supposed SpaceX Dragon launch nears last May 27, mothers Priscilla Reyes and Estrella Martinez have shared on Facebook photos of their adorable kids suiting up as little astronauts on the internet!

by Urian

Asteroid heading towards a dinosaur-inhabited Earth

Scientists Have Simulated The Asteroid That Caused The Extinction Of The Dinosaurs

Using a supercomputer, scientists simulated the asteroid that hit the Earth and made all the dinosaurs go extinct and left behind the Chicxulub crater. Their results are shocking.

by Jared N.

SpaceX, NASA Prepares for First Launch in the US in Nearly 10 Years This Wednesday: Will the Weather Cooperate with Their Launch?

SpaceX, NASA's Historic Astronaut Launch in the US Threatened by Disruptive Weather Delay

SpaceX, NASA prepares to send the first Astronaut-manned launch into space from the US in nearly 10 years. Will the weather cooperate with their launch this Wednesday?

by Urian

Did Elon Musk Just Launch The SpaceX Dragon Capsule Rocket Without the Company Logo?

Did Elon Musk Just Launch SpaceX's Dragon Capsule Without the Company Logo?

The SpaceX Dragon Capsule has just launched with a flying NASA logo and the American flag. Where is Elon Musk's company logo?

by Urian

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