Child Using Phone

20 Apps That are Allegedly Being Used by Sexual Predators to Lure Minors

A number of social media apps and video gaming platforms have been confirmed as tools used by pedophiles and sexual predators to lure children and minors into engaging in child pornography and human trafficking.

by Lola Louson

Child Using The Internet

Cops Warn Parents as Predators Targeting Both Kids and Teens Run Rampant Even in Various Gaming Platforms Like Fortnite

Recent arrests made by the Police force unveils that sexual predators are now using gaming platforms like Fortnite and Minecraft in targeting kids and teens online.

by Lola Louson

Huawei Mate 30 Pro

A Website Allowing Huawei to Download Google Apps Got Shut Down

Recently, the internet was introduced to a new method of downloading Google apps on smartphones in an attempt to bring Google apps on Huawei's Mate 30 Pro. Unfortunately, the website was shut down, and Huawei users are left with no way of getting any Google apps anymore.

by Lola Louson

YouTube Music Logo

YouTube Music is Soon Replacing Google Play Music as the Newest Android Phones' Default Music Player

Aside from the change in Google’s dessert-themed naming scheme with Android 10, a changeover between YouTube Music and Google Play Music as Android's default music player has been announced by Google.

by Lola Louson

Instagram Launches New Feature to Fight Off Cyberbullying

Instagram Launches Its Newest Feature, Joins the Fight Against Cyber bullying

Instagram's new feature allows users to "shadow ban" cyberbullies.

by Nhx T.


mSpy: The Spy Mate For Parents

As technology gains more prominence in our lives, gadgets have begun to rule our lives, and in the present times, the most ubiquitous gadget that has gotten everyone's eyes glued to its face is the smartphone. The small handheld device is everywhere, in every next hand, and though it is a great servant, it can turn out to be a terrible master if it starts controlling our lives.

by Eric Hamilton

Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) Are More Flexible than Common Specialized Computer Chips (IMAGE)

Vulnerability of Cloud Service Hardware Uncovered

Field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) are, so to say, a computer manufacturer's "Lego bricks": electronic components that can be employed in a more flexible way than other computer chips. Even large data centers that are dedicated to cloud services, such as those provided by some big technology companies, often resort to FPGAs.

by Hannah Smith

mPED Trial App (IMAGE)

Mobile Phone App Designed to Boost Physical Activity in Women Shows Promise in Trial

Activity trackers and mobile phone apps are all the rage, but do they really help users increase and maintain physical activity? A new study has found that one mobile phone app designed for inactive women did help when combined with an activity tracker and personal counseling.

by Staff Reporter

Business Man Happy

Biometric Time and Attendance Tracking of Mobile Employees

Companies are challenged every day with keeping accurate track of their employees' time, attendance, and whereabouts. This is an essential part of managing a business enterprise, regardless of industry or the type of product or service being offered. Knowing how long it takes an employee to perform a task gives the company a basis for calculating the cost, price, and ultimately profit.

by Eric Hamilton

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Leak Shows Monster Specs

Xiaomi Will Unveil Another Smartphone With Mi Mix 2 On September 11

Xiaomi is all set to unveil the successor to Xiaomi Mi Mix called the Mi Mix 2 on September 11th in China.

by Harsh Soni

Google Drive for Android

Google Announces Permanent Shut Down of Drive App for PC and Mac

Google Drive app gets its end of support date for December 11 and the end of life date for March 12, 2018.

by Vinod Yalburgi

iHeart app and device

Canadian Doctor Develops iHeart Device for Calculating Person’s Internal Age

iHeart is a device developed by a Canadian doctor to calculate a person’s Internal Age.

by Staff Reporter

LG To Include FM Radio Support In Future Smartphones

LG To Include FM Radio Support In Future Smartphones

LG has announced a partnership with NextRadio’s holder TagStation that will have them enabling the FM radio for upcoming LG smartphones.

by Harsh Soni

The Uber Drama Continues, Over 1,100 Employees Want Travis Kalanick Back

The Uber Drama Continues, Over 1,100 Employees Want Travis Kalanick Back

More than 1,000 Uber employees so far have shown their support for their embattled former leader Travis Kalanick by circulating a petition to reinstate him.

by Edge Ison

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