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Scientists Have Created a Potentially Life-Saviing App But Not So Many Smartphone Users are Willing To Install It - Why is That?

Contact Tracing App needs more people willing to use it to be effective in battling coronavirus pandemic

by Renz

Budget Phones with HDR: Google Is Bringing The Heat With Its Android Go Phones

Android Go Phones and HDR? Google Could Possibly Make This Happen!

Google has decided to put the HDR feature in the new Android Go Phones as a big step for budget phones in general. What could the future of budget phones be like?

by Urian

[WARNING] Android's Latest Update May Cause System Failure: Multiple Smartphones Have Already Reported Problems

[WARNING ] Android's Latest Update May Cause System Failure: Multiple Smartphones Already Reported Broken

Android's latest update was revealed to have specific problems and may be harmful to your phone. Several phones have already reported damages.

by Urian

Shoppers keep a social distance outside a grocery store in Washington

Everyone May Need a Smartphone to Reopen Society: Contract Tracing Apps Could Be The Key!

There is ongoing research that says that contact tracing can be done with the use of an application! The downside would be that everyone would need a smartphone, to begin with.

by Urian

Leaving the Dark Side: Here Are A Few Hackers Who Work For the Government

Hackers Who Work For the Government: From Outlaw to Hero

There have been many hackers who turned out to work for the government where their skill was finally recognized, and here are a few of them.

by Urian

New Galaxy S21 to feature hidden selfie camera

Brand New Galaxy Smartphone: Hidden Selfie Camera Feature And How It Fares Against Other Brands

Brand new Galaxy S21 to feature hidden selfie camera for easier access and a smoother look

by Renz

This Bluethooth-enabled App Will Let You Know If You’ve Been in Contact with COVID-19 Patients

This Bluethooth-enabled App Will Let You Know If You’ve Been in Contact with COVID-19 Patients

The government has previously urging scientists to make an application for tracking down the people that the COVID-19 patient has been in contact with. Good news, it has now been resolved!

by Krisana E.

ZOOM Cybersecurity Flaws

How To Keep Your Zoom Settings Safe Amid The Evident Lack Of Cybersecurity The App Is Offering

Zoom users in threat of leaking private information due to the application's cybersecurity flaws

by Renz

Will Skype Be Number One After Zoom's Recent Privacy Issues?

Could Skype Be The Next Zoom?

Skype has been around for quite some time already and now that Zoom is experiencing a huge amount of backlash for its recent privacy issue, Skype could potentially be taking over the market.

by Urian

[Animal Cruelty] Niece Claims Netflix's Tiger King

[Animal Cruelty] Netflix's Tiger King "Joe Exotic" Allegedly Sells Frozen Cubs According to Niece

A new Netflix documentary has just recently been released called Tiger King and its star "Joe Exotic" is faced with accusations from his niece for freezing and selling dead cubs to taxidermists!

by Urian

Ever Noticed The Facebook Android App Switched To The Bottom? Want To Know Why?

Facebook Android App Switched Features To The Bottom Of The Screen: Why!?

Ever wondered why Facebook has decided to switch its features to the bottom side of the screen?

by Urian

WhatsApp on a smartphone

[COVID-19 ] WhatsApp Stops Fake Viral Messages: Users Can't Circulate Messages Altogether Anymore

WhatsApp has decided to limit the number of times a message can be forwarded in hopes of limiting the amount of fake news being circulated. Will this method be effective?

by Urian

[TikTok Video] Coronavirus Doctors Dance Amidst Pandemic

[Tiktok Video] Dancing Doctor's "Coronavirus Dance Moves" Catches Janet Jackson's Attention

A doctor has decided to shed some light amidst the virus by showing off his moves on TikTok!

by Urian

Never Open Your Browser For Facebook Messenger Again: Windows And Mac Desktop App With Video Chat Is Finally Here!

No More Browser For Facebook Messenger: Windows and Mac Desktop App With Video Chat Is Here!

Facebook has just recently announced that the Facebook Messenger app for both Windows and Mac is finally here!

by Urian

Troll Says "Alcohol is so good" While Attacking Zoom Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

due to Zoom's recent security breaches, trolls have been preying on a different variety of meetings such as the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings on Zoom saying distracting comments in an attempt to cause a ruckus.

by Urian

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