Niantic Extends Pokemon GO Solstice Event For One Day Due To Login Issues

Just a couple of days ago, Niantic introduced a brand new event in Pokemon GO called Solstice event. It increased the spawn rates of pocket monsters under the fire and ice type categories. Apparently, it should have ended, but the studio opted to extend it for a certain reason.

According to ComicBook, the aforementioned Pokemon GO event will continue to exist until today afternoon. As a result, more and more creatures under the said types will appear. Interestingly, the company was forced to do such move because of login issues.

Players were reportedly experiencing a problem logging into the hit augmented reality mobile game. Those who have an account in Pokemon Trainers Club, in particular, were not able to log in and play. It started last Monday, with the numbers of players having no access increasing.

In response to the issue in Pokemon GO, Niantic resorted to extending the Solstice event for another 24 hours, as reported by GameRant. This means that players have until today at 1 PM PT to reap the awards and bonuses inclusive of the aforesaid event. While it may only last for another day, it should be enough to give the community another shot.

Niantic reportedly unleashed an event to fix the issue in Pokemon GO. However, for some reason, the studio opted to extend the event instead. Either way, it is still for the benefit of the players, as they get to enjoy the event further. It remains a mystery, though, if the issue is already fixed or if it has the chance to exist again.

In related Pokemon GO news, VG247 reports that the video game company may soon unveil the highly anticipated Legendary creatures and some new features. They are promised to arrive in the game sometime this summer, but no specific details about the date were revealed. Nonetheless, this is something that the fandom should look forward to.

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