Pokemon GO: Niantic Confirms Closing Of Gyms 'Temporarily For Remodeling'

Niantic revealed a couple of weeks ago that they will be shutting all gyms in Pokemon GO. Although they did not reveal any date during the announcement, they did inform the community the reason behind such move. It was made known that the studio plan to introduce some major changes to the overall functionality of the feature.

According to Express, the company is set to shut down all gyms in Pokemon GO today. This is basically just a part of a much bigger update this summer. For a certain period of time, players will not be able to access the feature either assign pocket monsters for attacking and/or defending. While it is confirmed to commence today, no set time has been pulled by the studio.

The decision to do so was due to the feedbacks and/or complaints Niantic received from the mobile game's community. Some were suggesting that the gym system needs major overhaul, as its gameplay have stalled and become boring. Others were simply implying that changes be done because of the dramatic increase of exploiters and/or cheaters. Interestingly, the company gave in and thus, implementing the closure.

ComicBook reports that before the major announcement, the studio has already hinted this sort of change way before. Besides, the developers really did not see the feature as a permanent thing. This was due to the fact that exploits like stockpiling of high-powered Pokemon GO monsters were happening. In hopes to resolve the issue, the studio will be implementing new changes to the feature.

Daily Star notes that there is no specific end time as to when the Pokemon GO closure will end. Niantic did not even reveal the specific changes they plan to make. Rather, they just assured the fans that additional features will be added to the gym system to provide a much better gameplay. This should be enough to keep the fandom excited. Contrary to belief, the closure is not part of an update in which the Legendary creatures will be introduced.

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