Pokemon GO Fire And Ice Event: What To Expect; Upcoming Fest Revealed

Just recently, Niantic has officially launched the newest Pokemon GO event called Solstice Event. This basically increases the spawn rates of Pokemon with fire and/or ice abilities. For anyone wondering how to be successful at this event, continue reading.

According to SlashGear, the aforementioned Pokemon GO event started with a sudden half-price discount on Lucky Eggs. This only means that, in one way or another, players will get to have better gameplay experience, though it will only last a week. In this case, it is better to take advantage of these eggs and see where luck gets them.

In addition, the interesting thing about the Solstice Event in the hit augmented reality game is the boost in XP gains. Hence, it might be best for players to move forward with whatever things that allow them to acquire experience points. Here, they can take full advantage such as capturing Pokemon with throw balls.

The publication, in another report, states that Pokemon GO players should note that the event does not include any bonuses on walking Buddy Pokemon. So, as much as possible, it is best to venture on other premises such as the Throw Balls, as mentioned above. That is because as long as they are able to capture pocket monsters with these balls accurately, they will be rewarded with bonus XPs.

In related Pokemon GO news, PCMag reports that a new event is brewing to take place next month. It is deemed to be massive and will be launched come July 22. It is called the Pokemon GO Fest, which is the first organized and live event from Niantic. Basically, the studio wants trainers from all over the world to head to Chicago's Grant Park to meet other trainers and "engage in a variety of activities."

The forthcoming event is meant to celebrate a year of catching Pokemon GO creatures. It should be noted that tickets will be sold starting June 19 at around 10 AM PT. Apparently though, the company has yet to reveal the prices of the said tickets.

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