Google Pixel 2 Might Look Like This

Android fans completely adore the existing Google Pixel and Pixel XL because of its unique specs and features. In fact, they are eagerly expecting for the smartphone sequel, the Pixel 2 series to be more elegant. And based on leaks and rumors, Google's upcoming two new flagship smartphones might look like this.

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are both expected to be released sometime in the late summer or early fall, BGR reported. Even the fact that there are just a few months left, we really don’t know much about the two smartphones just yet. Although, many people are hoping for the Google's smartphone to be something extravagant.

As far as the history is the concern, Google already confirmed that they will launch several new Pixel phones this year and it will launch around the same time as what the search giant did last year. That means, we can expect Google to host an event sometime this fall for the inauguration of the new flagship device. There are only little things we know about the upcoming Pixel 2 phones for the time being, such as Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chipset to be its processor.

According to ValueWalk, DBS Designing team created a concept design for the upcoming Google Pixel 2. And in this notion, the smartphone is wearing a design that is so different compared to its predecessor and no one can determine that it's really a Pixel phone. The most noticeable part here is the combination of metal and glass components on a monotone panel, which makes the handset looks significantly different compared to the original Google Pixel.

The overall shape based on the concept design is a bit too rectangular, with a few items that fans would really like about the new design. Looking at it, the Google Pixel 2 doesn’t look like a combination of the design of HTC and iPhone anymore. The glass portion on the back is far less annoying and it has a terrific all-screen pattern with narrow bezels. At last, it leaves space at the top of the smartphone for important features such as the speaker, cameras, as well as sensors, rather than having a hideous cutout.


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