Cortana Is Now Ready To Replace Google Assistant On Your Android Phone

Microsoft has been pushing iOS and Android users to install its apps on their gadget instead of pushing Windows Mobile as an operating system. In fact, the latest update to Cortana for Android can now take the place of Google Assistant as the default smart artificial intelligence (AI) on Android mobile devices.

As described by Microsoft, Cortana is a personal assistant that works across a device. The AI is integrated with hundreds of apps, which can setup location or time-based reminders, notify a user with noted and manage to-do lists, answers queries beyond its range. Today, it was officially announced that an app can now associate Cortana with the Google Assistant with just a long-press on the home button.

According to Android Headlines, a user might be asked if he/she wants to make Cortana as the default AI when launching the app for the first time. If ever the user says yes, it will automatically be reflected to get taken to the app configuration screen in Android's settings of the device.

There are a lot of changes that will happen when Cortana becomes the AI leader of your mobile device. It can change the default app for web browsing, as well as for SMS messaging. On the side note, iOS doesn't let a user change the default apps like what Cortana can. That means, for the time being, an iPhone user is stuck with Siri as a personal assistant.

As of today, according to TechRadar, a user can't set Cortana to launch via an OS-wide voice command. Also, the app doesn't work in scenery or landscape mode for the time being. However, if a user prefers to have a Microsoft focus on his/her mobile device rather than a Google, it's worth setting up.

To get started accessing the settings menu, an Android mobile device should have version 2.8.0 of Cortana for Android. This enters the new feature on the screen saying "Now you can set Cortana as your default assistant on Android!" in the changelog located on the app listing.


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