Tesla Model 3 Latest Photos Show Its Possible Final Design

Another Tesla Model 3 candidate was spotted in California and, of course, someone just had to take photos of it. Fortunately, the new spy shots are just some of the best so far.

The white Tesla Model 3 was at a Supercharger station sitting still and getting some juice when a certain Redditor spotted it. The photos taken of the candidate were "detailed and instructive" as described by BGR. More interestingly, though, is that the design of this particular Model 3 is "pretty much" the final one.

The driver of the candidate told the Redditor that the model he is driving will likely be the final design of the Tesla Model 3. Considering that production of the Model 3 will start by July, it is indeed likely that this is it.

Another set of spy shots was taken at a Supercharger station in San Mateo the other day and one of those photos gave a good glimpse of what the user interface inside the Tesla Model 3 is like. What made this particularly spy shot even more interesting is that it gave a clue as to how far the range of the Tesla Model 3 could go. Electrek did some calculations and it arrived on 300 miles.

Electrek zoomed the photo to get the figures on the interface. It found that the Model 3 was charged at 30 percent with a range of 95 miles or 152 kilometers. At that rate, the Tesla Model 3 can reach more than 300 miles or 483 km at full charge. The figure they arrived at is nowhere near exact and representative of the actual capability of the Tesla Model 3. Getting the range depends on other factors such as range mode of the Model 3 and size of the battery pack.

It must be remembered that Tesla announced the range mode of the Model 3 to be over 215 miles for the standard battery pack. Tesla is also slated to release a larger battery pack capable of a capacity ranging from 70 to 75 kWh. The Model 3 in the spy shot seems to be one of those equipped with the larger battery pack.

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