Tesla Model 3 Test Drives Start In 'Late 2017'

Tesla has sent word that the test drives for the highly anticipated Model 3 will commence in late 2017. The company has supposedly started informing reservation holders of the Tesla Model 3 about the update and it seems very likely that they will be prioritized over non-reservation holders.

Tesla also announced the news on their official website. According to Electrek, the company also indicated that it will be assigning some of the first Model 3 cars that will come out of production to be used specifically for reservation holders to test drive. This is a slightly different approach from previous Tesla releases. In the past, reservation holders were not able to test drive their Tesla cars or even see one in person before ordering the vehicles. The Tesla Model 3 test drive fleet will be moving from store to store and market to market as was done with previous Tesla vehicles. Tesla also suggested that people take the Model S or the Model X for a spin to experience how their cars perform and probably get a gauge of how smooth the Model 3 will drive.

As BGR reported, the Tesla Model 3 reservations are continuing to grow. According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the reservations for the Model 3 "climb week after week." It is believed that reservation for the Model 3 has now reached around 400,000 units which is an impressive figure considering Tesla has yet to promote the electric car. Musk also claimed that it is actually anti-selling the Model 3. The probable reason why the company is anti-selling the Tesla Model 3 is that the demand is now too high for them to meet.

Spy shots of the Tesla Model 3 candidates have been floating on the internet and more are expected as the start of production comes closer. Tesla is expected to commence mass production next month.

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