TLC To Renew 'Sister Wives' Later This Year? Kody Brown Shares His Polygamous Family's Freedom In Las Vegas

TLC's feature on the polygamous Brown family might have its continuation this fall. Despite previous rumors that the show is already being canceled, the recent progress in the life the Browns is said to be worthy of another season.

The Brown family of "Sister Wives" have been off the camera after the previous season ended earlier this year. However, the polygamous family never got off the public life most especially when they took another shot to challenge the state of Utah for its stricter Anti-Bigamy Law.

Kody Brown, along with his four wives, have been appealing for reconsideration so they can go back to their Utah home. However, in March, the family along with other polygamists lost in their battle against the state government and was kicked out of their home for good. The family is now living in their Las Vegas home to avoid being arrested for possible violations of the updated Utah law.

Following this, Kody Brown recently spoke about their new home, saying it was hard for his family at first but apparently found peace as they practice their freedom. The family is reportedly doing well in their new residence where some of Kody's wives are now pursuing their individual businesses.

Meri Brown has started selling the famous LulaRoe clothing line. Janelle, On the other hand, Kody's second wife Janelle is finding success in her weight loss business and is reportedly trimming down herself. Furthermore, Kody and Janelle are seemingly enjoying their first grandchild with Maddie who delivered in their own home.

As for Kody's current legal wife, Robyn, there are several rumors swirling around that she is again pregnant. Although the fourth wife denied the talks, there are some witnesses who claim to have seen her walking around Vegas with her baby bump.

Kody and Robyn Brown were rumored to divorce earlier this year. Several reports revealed that Robyn felt abused as Kody seeks to court a fifth wife while spending all of their money. In response, Robyn allegedly files for divorce and is seeking to start a new life with her own business like Meri ad Janelle. Robyn has however answered to the talks saying she and Kody are doing fine and are never separating.

TLC is yet to give a statement as to whether it will renew "Sister Wives" for another season. However, fans are already expecting to see the updates to the lives of the Browns coming on television later this year.

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