‘Steven Universe’ Returns With A New Steven In Season 5

Cartoon Network has already released the first few episodes of “Steven Universe” Season 5 and fans are waiting for the rest of the episodes. It has been a while since an update was released so many are speculating that the said animated series will go on another long indefinite hiatus.

On May 29, Cartoon Network finally aired the first four episodes of “Steven Universe” Season 5. No new episodes have followed since then. Thanks to the huge span of time that has passed, fans are already expecting that the series will be taking a long break. However, it seems like they will be treated to something new once the fifth season returns with another set of new episodes.

Aside from that, there are rumors going around that the fifth season will most likely be the animated series’ last season. Creator of “Steven Universe”, Rebecca Sugar has mentioned before that they are actually in discussions whether or not to finally put the said animated series to rest. With cancellation rumors in the air, fans can’t help but worry. “Steven Universe” Season 5 will reportedly return with new episodes sometime in July but Cartoon Network has yet to confirm the release date.

On the other hand, it has been announced that a brand new Steven will be revealed in the return of the latest season of “Steven Universe”. Sugar revealed that the main hero will be getting new powers in the upcoming episodes of “Steven Universe” Season 5. The series creator elaborated that Steven will finally enter a phase wherein he will be getting to know his Gem powers. For Steven to fully take control and use his new powers, he must first understand it and have to muster the guts to make his own choices. Steven’s new powers will most likely aid him in defeating the Diamonds.

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