Themed Gyms Are Now A Thing After The Recent Pokemon GO Update

The gym update is perhaps the most interesting thing Niantic did to its hit mobile game Pokemon GO. A couple of changes arrived, with the Raid Battles being the highly celebrated. Interestingly, players have found a way to enjoy the update in a whole new level.

According to ComicBook, Pokemon GO fans are building themed gyms as they work alongside other players. This was actually made possible because of the way the studio developed the new gym system. Reports suggest that pictures of players building themed gyms surfaced online just moments after the aforesaid update arrived.

If there is one themed gym that captured the hearts of many, it is no other than the Eevee evolution gym. With the way this Pokemon looks, it definitely is a winner. This goes without saying that the beauty of the theme was about the different evolutions of the pocket monster. Of course, this is not the only interesting option in the game right now.

Kotaku notes that other theme gym options have also surfaced. There are those that put all fire type creatures in one place. There are also gyms with the ice type on them. The Silph Road, on the other hand, collected some in-game pictures of tiny defenders conquering the gyms. There is no doubt this is the most exciting update from Niantic so far.

In related news, Niantic announced that the level requirement for players to join raid battles in Pokemon GO has been lowered. Previously, players must be at least level 35 or higher in order to join. However, most players find it unacceptable; hence, they went on various social media sites to complain. Subsequently, the studio made the decision and lowered it to level 25.

It is worth noting that the new updates in Pokemon GO are all a work in progress. The studio iterated that necessary adjustments will be made in the long run. As to when these changes will be made, they cannot provide specific details.

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