Google Home Proves It Is Better Than Amazon Alexa in 3,000 Question Test

The battle for smart speaker supremacy is heating up with Google Home now getting the upper hand over Amazon Echo. According to reports, the Google Assistant performed better than Alexa in a test composed of a staggering 3,000 questions.

A study conducted by 360i and reported by "Ad Age" claims that Google Home is six times more capable of answering queries correctly than its main rival, the Amazon Echo and its digital assistant, Alexa. According to Fortune, the digital agency based in New York used propriety software to come up with 3,000 questions for the two smart speakers.

The results were surprising but sensible, as Fortune noted. The market is actually controlled by Amazon as Alexa is more popular among all digital assistants. In fact, around 70 percent of the shares belong to Amazon Alexa as reported by eMarketer. That figure translates to a possible $10 billion worth of revenue by 2020 according to RBC Capital Markets. However, Google's approach to voice assistant technology makes it more successful in terms of having more information in its database.

Google utilizes the Knowledge Graph, a program which has been gathering facts and other pieces of information from search results for the last five years or so. Amazon, as Ad Week pointed out, is better when it comes to consumers and retail search mainly because the company is one of the biggest online retail companies in the world. Amazon also gathers most of its knowledge through content partners.

It must be noted that 360i has yet to divulge what kind of questions were Google Home and Amazon Alexa was asked to answer. There are no details as to what percentage of the 3,000 questions was of general knowledge, related to retail, or personal requests. Fortune also pointed out that the results also depended on the products and services related to the question or request.

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