Ark: Survival Evolved v257 Arrives With New Features, Bug Fixes

At long last, the highly anticipated Ark: Survival Evolved update 257 has arrived. It comes with all the promised features and whatnots from developer Studio Wildcard. Well, it looks like players will have another reason to continue enjoying one of the most popular titles of recent memory.

According to PCGamesN, the aforementioned update arrived at Ark: Survival Evolved shortly after the studio opted to add changes for the rapid volcano evacuation. There's a so-called TEK Cave dungeon, which is completely hidden in the depths of the recently activated volcano. Also, the update adds another set of prehistoric beasts and special TEK Tier items.

Update 257 adds the long-awaited feature, the Megalodon saddle. The latter basically allows players to upgrade their TEK Turret to emit lasers. The brand new TEK Grenade, on the other hand, gives fans access to the new sticky explosive. This update here is definitely worth the wait.

Also part of the TEK Tier stuff in Ark: Survival Evolved, the TEK Cloning Chamber will allow players to, obviously, clone their respective beasts. But in order to do so, they have to spend a good amount of Elemental Shards. It's worth noting that all clone dinos will retain the original stats, appearance, and level of the cloned beast. Apparently, the said shards aren't that easy to come by.

GameSpot notes that the update also adds a high-level cave that's situated in an active volcano. Whenever players travel to this cave, they can acquire access to the Ascension mechanic. This is a useful tool when it comes to leveling up, as doing so can be quite difficult in this game. To Ascend, players will have to go up against each boss, complete the said cave and, more importantly, defeat the main boss.

To understand more about the newly-released Ark: Survival Evolved v257 update, the game's official website displays all of its patch notes here. And judging by the way it looks, the game has never been this more interesting.

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