Latest 'Ark: Survival Evolved' Update Arrives With Laser-Shooting Sharks

The developer, Studio Wildcard, has just released the highly anticipated v257 update for Ark: Survival Evolved. It arrived with tons of exciting features, one of which is a saddle that allows laser-shooting sharks to exist. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

As listed in the official patch notes of the said Ark: Survival Evolved update, the TEK Megalodon Saddle gives sharks the ability to shoot laser beams. It is perfect for players who want to succeed in their hunting trips. The said TEK item is just among the many that arrived via the latest patch.

All in all, there are four new creatures. These are namely, Giant Bee, Liopleurodon Magicus, Daeodon Comedentis and Kentrosaurus Aethiopicus. According to VG247, the update also brought a very sophisticated feature called the TEK Cloning Chamber. It basically gives players the ability to clone their preferred creatures.

It is worth noting that utilizing the cloning feature means spending a couple of Elemental Shards. Also, once the process is done, the original creature's stats will be retained and already covers the appearance and level. It is definitely among the greatest additions in the history of the game.

Moreover, the Ark: Survival Evolved v257 update brings an overhauled UI, along with new hairstyles and facial hair. Players are also treated to around 20 new notes to explore. The volcano, in particular, has been redesigned as well as the TEK Cave.

Kotaku, on the other hand, notes that before the arrival of the update, Studio Wildcard introduced a weekend-long event to celebrate it. Apparently, it already ended last May 8. It gave players the chance to acquire more bonuses in terms of harvesting and taming. An extra boost on the EXP rates has also been offered. It is said that this is just one of the many updates coming to the game before it gets its full version.

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