'Fairy Tail' Chapter 541 Spoilers: Lucy To Defeat Acnologia With Magic Of Bonds? Manga Creator Confirms Last Chapter

The last chapter of the popular manga series, “Fairy Tail” has finally been confirmed. Its manga creator has revealed an update on the progress of the nearly concluded series and even added some few bonus sketches for the fans, too.

Hiro Mashima just updated his official Twitter account and revealed that he is currently working on the last chapter of the “Fairy Tail” manga series. He has revealed that the final chapter will be chapter 545, which means there are four more chapters left. As Hiro Mashima reveals updates and bonus sketches on the final installment, the latest chapter has also been released.

“Fairy Tail” Chapter 541 reveals the plans of the Fairy Tail guild members as well as the rest of the mages. The seven dragon slayers are currently trapped and fighting Acnologia’s human form in the Ravines of Time and he is apparently too strong for them. Acnologia tells Natsu and the rest of the dragon slayers that his dragon form is currently destroying the outside world and confessed that he was simply doing this because he wanted to bring destruction.

Meanwhile, outside the Ravines of Times, mages from Fairy Tail and other guilds have united against one enemy. Acnologia continues to wreak havoc against the helpless mages and the world. The mages are torn since magic or ordinary physical attacks are useless against Acnologia. However, Lucy has thought up of one plan that they have decided to give their everything for.

“Fairy Tail” Chapter 541 revealed that Lucy and the rest of the mages have decided to leave their fate on one of Fairy Tail’s most powerful magic, the magic of bonds called the Fairy Sphere. Erza and Lucy lead the others and gave instructions on how to put a stop to Acnologia. The Fairy Sphere is a defensive magic so what Lucy suggested is to trap Acnologia for eternity instead because he cannot be destroyed.


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