Jill And Jinger Duggar Still At War Because Of Their Husbands' Feud? Jinger And Jeremy Vuolo Tell They Love The Couple In A Video

The feud brewing between the members of the Duggars is seemingly getting out of hand as sisters Jill and Jinger are reportedly joining their husbands in their war. However, the Vuolos might have just proven that people are just misunderstanding things as the couple expressed their love for the Dillards in their anniversary celebration.

Followers of the Duggar clan are left confused as the rumored feud between sons-in-law Jeremy Vuolo and Derick Dillard continues to circulate online. Even after Jinger and Jeremy sent a video expressing their love for both Jill and Derick on their wedding anniversary, people still speculate on their true relationship and spread talks of bad blood between them.

The rumors reportedly started when Jeremy Vuolo gave a shared a sermon about missionary life and those who only pretend to serve the church. People were then quick to believe that it was a shade thrown towards the Dillards who lived their past years as missionaries. Furthermore, he regarded missionaries without jobs to support their work are "unqualified, uncalled, unconfirmed, unsent zealots" that "cause more damage than good."

It can be recalled that the Dillards' works were documented and received criticisms as they asked for money and donations through their website. As a preacher, Jeremy Vuolo then took action to spread his thoughts about the matter and advised missionaries to learn how to preach and work to provide for their families.

Adding fuel to the fire is the speculation that grew from Jinger Vuolo not following her sister Jinger Dillard on social media. The close bond between the Duggars made fans conclude that the sisters' relationship is already affected by the lingering feud of their husbands.

The Duggar matriarch then wrote a blog which their followers believe is to ease the alleged feud. People were then convinced that the fight between the sons-in-law is growing serious as Michelle Duggar already decided to step in. She wrote an advice to focus on similarities rather than differences, but Michelle did not actually mention names on whom the word is addressed to.

Earlier this week, Jim Bob and Ben Seewald were also rumored fighting. An insider revealed that the two do not have a good relationship although they do not show it on cameras.

The Duggars are being mum about the issues and continue to mention support for each other. Also, they still gather to bond on special occasions. Fans might then want to take the issue with a grain of salt and watch "Counting On" to observe the Dillards and Vuolos.

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