Pokemon GO Update: Data Miners Acquire Golden Pinap, Golden Nanab

Berries are among the items players can acquire in Pokemon GO just by roaming. Apparently, there are reports of two discoveries, both of which are to be expected in an update for the mobile game. Here is everything about them in a nutshell.

According to PVP Live, a brand new pair of discoveries might be set for release in future updates for Pokemon GO. These could change the way berries work in Niantic's game, though it remains a mystery as to how exactly. Basically, Golden Pinap and Golden Nanab were acquired in a code, which is based on the latest APK version (0.67.1) of the game. If anything else, these two items should be able to bring massive changes to the game.

The regular ones, as noted by Eurogamer, are used to change and/or control the way pocket monsters behave in the game. They can also be used whenever a wild creature is encountered, and since these items can change the creature's behavior, players can easily capture it. Hence, it is interesting to see what the golden items do.

In the official Reddit page of the mobile game, Pokemon GO players discuss all the possibilities or effects of the Golden Nanab and Golden Pinap. Others suggest that the latter could increase the candies acquired by players whenever they catch a Pokemon. So, in a sense, it could work as a multiplier. But since the effects they provide are off the charts, their existence in the game might be rare.

The same can also be speculated with the Golden Nanab. It might work as a multiplier in Pokemon GO, giving players an edge in their journey. While these are fascinating stuff, they remain to be unofficial. So unless Niantic itself confirm them, only then can they be taken as true. For now, it is best to take them with a grain of salt.

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