Huge Ark Survival Evolved Patch Now Live: All The New Contents Detailed

Ark Survival Evolved fans are in for a huge treat, as developer Studio Wildcard just released a new patch. Believe it or not, it is quite massive, bringing tons of exciting features and whatnots. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

According to Express, the studio has just released a new update on the Xbox One version of Ark Survival Evolved. It weighs around 16 GB, suggesting it is quite massive. In reality, this patch should have arrived earlier, but the developers had to postpone. There a couple of bugs discovered and thus, needed to be addressed before the official launch.

The developers explained that the certification was approved, but the launch had to be moved. Studio Wildcard's QA department reportedly discovered the minor bugs, suggesting the postponement of the patch's release. Fortunately, everything has been straightened out.

A recent report noted that Ark Survival Evolved fans were surprised, as they expected the patch to arrive on the suggested date and time. It turned out that the video game company never released a notice, thus the confusion. The developers, however, apologized for the delay and explained the reason behind the decision.

Going back to the patch on Xbox One, Ark Survival Evolved fans are introduced to a set of new craftable items. However, the most interesting one is called Tek Trough, a Tek system powered by the Tek Generator. It basically refrigerates food and keeps it fresh for a longer period of time. Moreover, the patch introduces a couple of bug fixes, all of which are expected to bring quality of life improvements.

As for the PlayStation 4 fans of Ark Survival Evolved, they need not worry. Studio Wildcard confirmed that the update should arrive on the console today, July 3. Although there is no specific time, the developers promised to make it happen.

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