Destiny 2: Bungie To Remove 'Random Rolls On Weapons'

Destiny 2 is perhaps one of the most highly anticipated titles of recent memory. Although developer Bungie has been generous in sharing details, they did it by not giving away too much. Now, the studio has revealed another interesting detail involving weapons and armors.

In an interview with Mashable, Bungie's very own Destiny 2 director Luke Smith revealed that the sequel will not offer random rolls on every gear. This basically refers to all weapons and armors included in the upcoming title. This might be an interesting take on the follow-up game, but this definitely poses a worry to the community.

According to PC Gamer, having no random rolls in the sequel is worrisome. In the original game, players have to literally grind their way to acquire loot items. It may have been beneficial to the studio (as it kept players playing the game for three years), it eventually had its toll to the player base. Players were just worried about getting a good roll from a quite coveted item. Sadly, this will not be happening anymore in the second game.

Smith, however, did not provide any logical reason as to why Bungie decided to remove random rolls in Destiny 2. He did mention about balancing their aim, but he was not clear as to which balancing aspect it would be. Many believe that it had to do something with the game's PvP feature, which became a frustrating aspect of the original title (at least to some players).

By removing random rolls in Destiny 2, Bungie should be able to maintain a seamless flow on what sort of weapons should be introduced to the players. While this might be intended for a reasonable purpose, this comes at the cost of having a diversified weapon selection in the PvE aspect of the game.

PlayStationLifeStyle notes that somehow, in one way or another, this is among the changes that should make the game quite different from its predecessor. But as to how these changes will impact the game's success, it remains to be seen.

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