The $55 Hyperkin Retro Console Plays All NES And SNES Games Ever Made

Nintendo has released a trio of gaming consoles that cater to different markets. There's the highly popular Nintendo Switch that can be played on a home console or taken along wherever the owner goes. There was also the successful NES Classic Edition which opened a lot of doors for retro gaming. That said, Nintendo recently announced the SNES Classic Edition to give players another opportunity to experience old school gaming.

However, there is another way gamers can enjoy true retro gaming and that is with the help of the Hyperkin RetroN 2 Gaming Console for SNES/NES. Those looking for a new video game console but just can't get their hands on a Nintendo Switch because of Nintendo's inability or refusal to manufacture enough units may want to consider this $55-console that, as the name implies, plays both NES and SNES games.

The Hyerkin RetroN 2 doesn't just play any NES or SNES title, it plays every NES and SNES game ever made. The RetroN 2 is two-in-one gaming system is compatible with both SNES and NES cartridges, as BGR reported. This means old school gamers who have kept their game cartridges can relive their childhood with the Hyperkin RetroN 2.

The Hyperkin RetroN 2 also comes with one wired NES and SNES controller. It is also compatible with original NES and SNES controllers so old-time gamers who also kept their original controllers will get to enjoy the true retro gaming experience.

Hyperkin also happens to be the company behind the resurrected SNES mouse. The Hyper-Click Retro Style Mouse for SNES looks like the original SNES mouse as it comes in the same shape, color scheme, and button layout.

As mentioned, Nintendo recently announced that the SNES Classic Edition will start selling in September. According to Polygon, the retro console fits in the palm of the hand just like the NES Classic Edition. It comes with 21 pre-installed games which are fewer than that of the NES Classic Mini. The new line-up does include "Star Fox 2," a game that hasn't been released before. This gives gamers something else to look forward to aside from reliving their childhood or their parents' gaming days.

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