SNES Classic Edition Coming To Town This Christmas? Here's What's On Our Wish List

A day after news broke out that the NES Classic Edition has been completely discontinued, a new rumor saying a follow-up to the beloved retro console is already in the works. A miniature version of the Super-NES console, possibly dubbed the SNES Classic Edition in accordance to its predecessor's branding, is said to be coming in time for Christmas this year.

Many were in disbelief when Nintendo of America first announced that the rare NES Classic Edition would be killed off in its territories. This was followed by news that the console was also discontinued in Australia and Japan. The last straw was the statement made by Nintendo of Europe indicating that its territory will also no longer receive stocks of the miniature console thus effectively putting the nail in the coffin.

According to Eurogamer, the follow-up to the abruptly canceled NES Classic Mini is already being developed and is expected to be launched come the holidays. There has been a lot of talk about what classic console will be the next to be miniaturized with the SNES coming in at the top of the list. Those hoping to see a SNES Mini will get their wishes come true if this rumor does prove true. Speaking of wishes, if the Mini SNES is indeed coming this Christmas wouldn't it be nice if it addresses the issues with its predecessor?

The next mini retro console would be better off if its library was not limited to 30 games. ARS Technica suggested that Nintendo allows owners to download more games via a Virtual Console-like system. If Nintendo sticks to a limited library, at least work out the legal barriers so that games from third party developers like "Final Fantasy IV" and "Madden NFL '96" could be included.

The SNES Classic Edition should also have better controllers. If Nintendo is going to shrink the SNES, at least retain the cord's length. Another solution is to have support for the original controllers. Most importantly, Nintendo should do away with its "practice" of hyping a product by not producing enough. Of course, this popular conspiracy theory may be or may not be true but the point remains that the company should make more than enough of the SNES Classic Edition to avoid ruining Christmas for many.

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