NES Classic Edition And Nintendo Switch Exclusive! Head Out To Best Buy Right Now For Your Last Chance To Get Your Hard-To-Find Consoles

Best Buy announced earlier that the hard-to-find Nintendo Switch and discontinued NES Classic Edition will be back in stock real soon. In fact, the Mini NES will be sold today, April 24 in different outlets. This may be the best chance to finally snag this rare console. As for the Nintendo Switch, Best Buy also announced that fresh stocks will be coming this Friday.

Best Buy will receive a few units of both consoles from Nintendo with the NES Classic Edition becoming available starting in the morning. The Verge mentioned that Best Buy will honor the first-come, first served system so it's best to head to the nearest outlet immediately after reading this. Better yet, call the outlet before heading out to see if there are units remaining.

The announcement was made via Twitter yesterday. In the tweet, the popular online retailer said that limited quantities of the NES Classic Edition will be available in its stores starting today. Best Buy also mentioned that it will give discounts for selected NES Classic accessories such as the Wired Controller and Controller Extension Cable.

According to USA Today, Best Buy did not indicate the exact number of units that will be made available as it is a policy of the company not to divulge its inventory. However, there are some rumors that say around 12 to 14 NES Classic Minis will be available per store. Additionally, Best Buy will be limiting purchases to one for each customer. This will allow more people to finally get their hands on the consoles.

Nintendo announced that it will be shipping its last stocks of the miniature retro console his April. With the month coming to a close, these units available in Best Buy may be the last ones it will offer. It's also likely that other retailers will be getting their final shipments so it's a good idea to check them out as well in case a trip to Best Buy doesn't pan out.

The Nintendo Switch, as mentioned, will be available this Friday. The re-stocking will coincide with the release of the much-awaited Mario Kart 8 Deluxe which will sell for $59.99. Best Buy will also be offering Nintendo Switch accessories such as the Joy-Con Wireless Wheel.

Nintendo fans and gaming enthusiasts who fail to land an NES Classic Edition has no other recourse than to get theirs from third-party sellers who are offering the retro console for more than three times its standard retail price. Otherwise, they can wait for the rumored SNES Classic Edition which is supposedly coming this Christmas.

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