'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Mysterious Aura Hints At Goku's New Power; Tournament Of Power Gets A New Arena?

The latest episode of “Dragon Ball Super” anime series kicked off the highly anticipated Tournament of Power and everything gets intense by the second. The latest preview for the next episode hints at Goku’s new power as well as a change in the said Tournament.

The recent episode of “Dragon Ball Super” has finally started the hyped Tournament of Power and warriors are already getting eliminated left and right. Goku was also almost eliminated in “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 97 but he was able to save himself from dropping out by hanging on the ledge. However, his troubles do not end there as other warriors from various universes decided to gang up on him.

In the preview of “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 98, Goku gets on with it and fights off his adversaries by himself. However, Goku seems to have a new power this time and even the showrunner confirmed this mysterious aura. As the Tournament of Power commenced in the anime series, a new teaser poster was revealed featuring Goku engulfed with this mysterious aura that the latest preview teased.

The producer of the “Dragon Ball Super” anime series, Hiroyuki Sakurada revealed the said key visual for the ongoing Universe Survival Saga. Months before, fans have speculated that Goku will be breaking his limits for the tournament since he warned Toppo earlier that he will show a greater power. Sakurada confirmed this and explained that the next episode will be depicting Goku as he breaks new ground to withstand the group of enemies aiming for him. There are further speculations that Goku might have just finally perfected his Kaio-Ken and will reveal his highly anticipated Super Saiyan Rose transformation.

In addition, the new closing video for “Dragon Ball Super” has been aired in “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 97 and it revealed a bunch of teasers and spoilers. Aside from revealing some of the warriors, it also hinted that arena at the World of Void will go through tremendous damage and the rest of the surviving fighters might just be teleported to a new arena to make things interesting. Fans are also expecting more bonding moments between father and son, Goku and Gohan as they save Universe 7 from extinction.

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