HTC U11 vs iPhone 7 Plus vs Xperia XZ Premium: Camera Shootout

HTC U11, Apple iPhone 7 Plus, and Sony Xperia XZ Premium are renowned for their camera lenses and sensors. The iPhone 7 Plus develops really close to what critics would call a "point and shoot" camera phone. While Sony’s latest Xperia has a terrific slow-mo shooter and the HTC U 11 has been already praised because of its camera prowess on several occasions.

Camera Specs

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus operates a dual setup, which is the first risk of Apple ever. Both sensors of the iPhone 7 Plus share a resolution of 12MP and only differ in their focal lengths, which are 28mm and 56mm. Its aperture is considerate in f/1.8 and f/2.8 and an ideal setup for achieving 2x optical zoom, and some impressive "bokeh" effects as well, are good.

In contrast, the HTC U11 only has a single 12MP sensor camera, Engadget reported. It also has a f/1.7 shooter to work with and optical image stabilizer, which is the same way with any DSLR cameras. A dual tone LED are shared features between the iPhone 7 Plus and HTC U11 but, similarities are fewer compared to the differences.

On another note, Sony's latest smartphone, the Xperia XZ Premium, has a much higher 19MP resolution camera. However, it has a wider field of view, which is f/2.0 lens. It has the ability to autofocus and stabilized systems, which can help the camera on determining subjects in the picture. Aside from that, Sony's patented memory-stacked sensor permits spectacular 960fps slow-mo video recording, a good feature for vloggers.

Camera Test

In the test conducted by GSMArena, HTC U11 delivered the most detail image in the grass, while also retaining the colors really punchy. The palette is a bit too vivid and the captured image is sort of oversaturated. However, the quality depends on the taste of the user of the smartphone.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus managed to present the almost perfect scene, which is considered as the better image compared to the scene from Apple iPhone 7 camera. In fact, it offered the best effective range than the HTC U11 and XZ Premium. However, the iPhone also shows some signs of disturbing issues, but looking at its captured image, it is still the greatest.

Sony XZ Premium resolves a very similar and equally remarkable amount of detail. In fact, the need for additional improvements and edits are not that necessary because it already handled its exposure metering best. After various tests on image quality on rear and selfie camera, as well as video recording, all three smartphones have excellent cameras and choosing among them will be based on your needs and lifestyle.


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