Mass Effect: Andromeda To Get New Multiplayer Mode ‘Platinum Difficulty’ DLC

Mass Effect: Andromeda will soon get a new multiplayer mode. This was revealed when Bioware released a teaser trailer on Tuesday indicating that a Platinum Difficulty DLC will be added to the game. Apparently, this mode will be connected to the Apex multiplayer missions of the game.

This DLC Makes The Game More Challenging

According to the game developer, this Platinum Difficulty DLC multiplayer mode of Mass Effect: Andromeda will present new challenges to players. The developer claims that this update will take the gamers' skills to the next level. However, apart from this announcement, the official teaser trailer did not provide any details about this upcoming update. But game fans can expect more information will be released by Bungie and EA before the DLC comes out.

This latest news came only after a couple of days when reports came out that Mass Effect: Andromeda will not be getting a single-player DLC anymore. Other reports also indicated that a game sequel has been canceled. Earlier reports also revealed that EA has reduced the number of BioWare staff working on MEA since the video game is now on hiatus.  

Fans Are Craving For Single-Player Content

While fans may be assuaged by the release of the Platinum Difficulty DLC multiplayer mode of Mass Effect: Andromeda, the elation may just be temporary. It may be possible that this latest update will make fans who are looking to test their skills in Apex Missions happy. But what fans are really craving for is for Bungie to release a single-player mode of MEA.

They were given confusing statements from the game developer, particularly by Fernando Melo, the producer of the game. At one time, Melo spoke about the single-player DLC of Mass Effect: Andromeda. But then, when rumors went around the gaming community about it, he backtracked and implied that the studio had been working with a third party developer for add-on materials.

Nevertheless, the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer mode Platinum Difficulty DLC is better than nothing, especially for the loyal fans of the video game. It enriches the Apex Missions of the game especially its multiplayer squad-based challenges.

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