Horizon Zero Dawn New Game Plus Mode Goes Live With Harder Level Of Difficulty

Horizon Zero Dawn's new Game Plus Mode has recently been released by Guerilla Games. The latest patch 1.30 is a huge update says the game developer. As common to every update, this latest patch will implement a variety of bug fixes and corrections of progression issues. But the biggest in this patch is the introduction of a new game mode with a harder level of difficulty.

There Will Be No Risking Of Character Progressions

Gamers playing the new Game Plus mode of Horizon Zero Dawn will be able to experience the adventures of Aloy without risking their character progressions. Jeroen Roding, Guerilla community manager, assured gamers that the level cap of the game is 50 and that they will not be able to progress beyond this point. However, they can still collect experiences while they are playing the game.

In addition, the new Game Plus mode of Horizon Zero Dawn will enable gamers to complete the game without risking the items that they have collected throughout the game. The game developer also promised that modified versions of costumes and weapons that offer an extra modification slot will be made available as well.

Gamers Can Adjust The Difficulty Setting

The most anticipated addition in this Horizon Zero Dawn Game Plus mode is the new difficulty setting called Ultra Hard mode. This will enable gamers to adjust the difficulty setting as they begin a game run. In this mode, the senses and behavior of machines are enhanced, the gamer's health regen are limited and smaller tweaks are added. However, the gamer will not be able to lower the difficulty level once the game has started.

Two new trophies will be unlocked in the game no matter what level of difficulty is chosen in the new Game Plus mode of Horizon Zero Dawn. One is for the ability to choose face paint and alternate Focus designs for Aloy, and the other is for her advanced weaponry and armor. However, both trophies have their separate price tags.

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