‘South Park’ Drops Donald Trump, Goes Back To Being Kids In Next Season

The creators of the popular animated sitcom, “South Park” has just revealed that they are done with Donald Trump. It has not been long since Trump was inaugurated as president of the United States but it seems like people have already grown weary of him.

The last season of “South Park” aired last year from September to December with just 10 episodes. It has been a while since fans have seen a new episode but at least it’s certain that new installments are in the works. It was already announced back in July 2015 that “South Park” has been renewed for three more seasons so the said series is already set to air until 2019 with its 23rd season.

With a new season yet to air, fans are wondering what to expect in “South Park” Season 21. Creator Trey Parker may have not entirely revealed what’s in store for the new season but at least he let out what’s not going to happen. Parker has announced that “South Park” will stop ridiculing Donald Trump because they realize that it has gotten boring. He also emphasized that “South Park” wasn’t really that kind of show that picked on politics so they are getting on the bandwagon and they are ditching Trump.

Parker said that the new season of “South Park” will go back to how it was, simply fun, ridiculous, and hilarious because of kids just being kids. The show runner said he wants to go back to dressing up Cartman just like a robot and making fun of Butters. He pointed out that ditching Trump might take a hit on the show but he and fellow creator Matt Stone aren’t worried because he admitted that the two of them are prepared to leave Hollywood.

Trey and Stone created the Comedy Central hit, “South Park” and the show made its debut in August 1997. After two decades, the two creators are ready to wrap things up and move on. “South Park” Season 21 is set to premiere on Aug. 23.

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