'Orange Is The New Black' Renewed For Three Seasons: Who’s Coming Back For Season 5?

The last season of "Orange Is The New Black" left fans with cliffhangers and shocking endings, making people ask of how things will act out in the new season. "Orange Is The New Black" is a popular web television series that showcases the intertwined manic lives of female inmates in a federal prison as it revolves on the central character, Piper Chapman. "Orange Is The New Black" became the most-watched web television comedy series that on February 2016, it was announced that the series has been renewed for three more seasons.

After relieving fans with good news that "Orange Is The New Black" will not be cancelled anytime soon, fans are now thinking of which characters are coming back especially after the series ended with Poussey Washington's shocking death.

Instead of pondering on Poussey's supposed death, hints around the internet has pointed out the characters fans will surely see again in the series. Lori Petty has confirmed that her character, Lolly Whitehill, will potentially return. The last season ender showed Lolly being dragged inside the pysch ward after a shaken Healy turned her in. Petty has also pointed out that it is too soon be making hunches on the new season as they have only started shooting the first episode of the new upcoming season.

Aside from Lolly Whitehill, it has been revealed through the actors' respective social media accounts that a lot of the favorite characters will be coming back for the Season 5. Piper Chapman, Crazy Eyes, Alex Vause, Red, and many others will be returning to pick up the story from Season 4. So far so good, the people behind Orange Is The New Black has been giving out good news as the airing date of the new season draws near, which is expected to be on June 2017.

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