Pokemon GO: Niantic Adds More Pokemon On The Egg Pools

Niantic dropped the highly anticipated first-year anniversary event in Pokemon GO. Although players were glad to experience another event, not all of them were happy with what the studio brought. Nonetheless, there is a significant change in the game's egg pool system.

According to ComicBook, egg pools in Pokemon GO determine the exact Pokemon that hatch from certain eggs. This feature gets tweaked every now and then, without prior notice from the video game company. These changes are also meant to add rare pocket monsters and/or remove common ones from a certain egg tier.

But perhaps the biggest change in the game right now is the addition of a special Pikachu variety. This one wears the trademark hat of Ash Ketchum from the animated series, as reported by The Star. It is currently in the 2 KM egg pool and is already obtainable in the game.

According to Polygon, the special Pikachu arrived alongside the first-year anniversary event of Pokemon GO. It is worth noting that since this is a new addition, players should focus on hatching the new eggs. It remains a mystery, however, if the pocket monster gets to exist even after the event. Apparently, this has never happened before in the game.

It holds true, though, that players can keep the rare Pikachu in Pokemon GO similar to the other special varieties in the past. Take for example the Pikachu from the Water Festival event, which was announced and launch on the very same day. Players were able to own the special creature even up to now. The only catch, however, is that Niantic has yet to confirm this. So, as much as possible, it is better for players to take this with a grain of salt. For the meantime, they might want to enjoy on the ongoing event.

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