'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Android 18 Vs Frost? Krillin Disqualified, Angels Hinted To Be Villains

The latest episode of the ongoing “Dragon Ball Super” hints at something darker as the Tournament of Power commences in the Universe Survival Saga.

The new episode of “Dragon Ball Super” featured the awaited fight against Universe 7 and Universe 9. Though Goku was outnumbered with Trio De Dangers and the rest of the fighters of Universe 9 ganging up on him, he was still able to withstand attacks. However, it was not until Vegeta butted in to help him finish them off did Universe 7 actually and finally wipe out Universe 9.

As soon as every fighter of Universe 9 was eliminated, the two Zen-Oh kept their promise to erase the existence of a defeated universe. Goku and everyone else witnessed with their own eyes as the Omni-King and his copy erased Universe 9, reminding the fighters once again that the Tournament of Power is not just a venue to display strength but to save their homes.

In the latest episode, there are various hints depicting that the Grand Priest and the angels are actually glad that Universe 9 was wiped out. This had made fans speculate that the Grand Priest along with the angels, especially the angel of the newly erased Universe 9, are conspiring to overthrow the Omni King and are planning something darker.

In the latest preview revealed for “Dragon Ball Super”, it has finally been teased that Krillin will be eliminated. This fact was already spoiled in earlier updates but in the latest preview, there are hints that Krillin is was actually disqualified probably because he accidentally killed someone with his power boost. The Tournament of Power has set some rules including the restriction on using weapons, power-ups, flying, or even killing someone and if in case one of the mentioned happens, the fighter will be automatically disqualified and eliminated.

The recent preview for “Dragon Ball Super” features Krillin getting worried about his wife, Android 18, who is also speculated to go against Frost from Universe 6. The recent episode revealed Android 18 face to face with Frost and fans are already looking forward to the match especially when Android 18 recently exchanged blows with a female Pride Trooper from Universe 11.

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